I've been playing through the single player campaign on the MCC almost exclusively, I've tried multiple times to play online with literally no success. I'm really enjoying the SP game, its everything a Halo fan could want. My issue is that very frequently when I go to launch the game and click resume checkpoint, it takes me back to a checkpoint maybe a whole mission back from where I save and quitted. Is anyone else having a similar problem and is there any way of avoiding it? Currently I'm having to just restart the mission I'm closest to, which means I'm occasionally missing the final parts of missions and having to replay other sections multiple times.

  • I'm not having that problem, but my SP is broken. I beat missions on LEGENDARY and i don't even get the achievement. Furthermore, my Halo 3 says 11/11 but when I go to the my career section it says I never did the Cortana mission. I still have achievements that say done unlocking since LAUNCH day that still aren't actually unlocked. I can understand multiplayer problems but this is highly unacceptable for campaign. They need to fix this ASAP.
I was having a similar issue. got all the way to almost the end of one of the missions in Halo 1 and the update started downloading, post-update i had to start from the start of the mission. This is extremely annoying.
I've had that issue. Just start a mission and finish it, then you should avoid any issues. I had missions not give me achievements but say they were completed, showed it in the mission selection, but didn't count on the chievos. Replayed them and it popped.