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can't even play campaign. ( halo 4 ) video inside

OP Stree7Sweeper

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so since the multiplayer is not working i decide... HEY I'll play some campaign Halo 4 and play on legendary while I'm at it..

Little did i know once I got to the mission Re-claimer my Halo 4 experience would go South... i was shocked as i have never seen this before.

( and yes I did play halo 4 - xbox 360 )

The video : Check it Out. : - Halo MCC ( playing Halo 4 )

Not even single player will work on this broken game that I paid $60 u.s dollars.
I've heard a few people say something about that happening to them, but this is the first time I've actually seen it.
Dude that really sucks. I'm kinda scared to play through all 4 Campaigns now.
At least they broke their own game.
All of the other ones seem to work just fine for solo.

Halo CE Cooperative though, is one god awful experience.
I have a completely different problem I get on requium the map loads and then I get a black screen with red writing saying that it cant unpack then I have to go home quit the game and reload the game to do anything else
I'm on this level now. I really hope I don't run into that glitch.

Really sorry to see that you're having trouble with H4.

Man, 343i really dropped the ball with TMCC.
Refund is possible even if you've got it digitally
same problem but with HALO CE
Flying mammoth? Call it Appa.
Was told by XBOX on phone to try game on new profile so created one and it worked loaded into HALO CE first time but at start of game now.
So wiped my gamer id off xbox console and redone it and went in to try game again, but it crashed again.
So decided rather than try HALO CE i would try HALO 2 as not tried anything else yet.
So start a new game and it loaded in first time, so must be a glitch with game at save points.
So now XBOX has sent me 2 links with files one for restarting console and other is a offline update.
To try this and get back to them if it does not work, so will update on results soon.

Hopefully this is something that can be fixed asap if needed to be sorted by game makers.
KillM wrote:
At least they broke their own game.
All of the other ones seem to work just fine for solo.

Halo CE Cooperative though, is one god awful experience.
Even after all this time they couldn't bother to fix the coop for CE? Jaysis...

Edit: That video is hysterical though. For all the wrong reasons. They couldn't even copy+paste their own game without fudging it up?!
That sucks, but that is the funniest video ever
just brilliant its on a new course for the sky lol
Nothing ive done on my side of things has sorted out the issue of getting back into game from my game save. So ive now ive decided seeing as all levels are open to just go back into game level from start, then save it and go back in and see if that would work.
Result was yes i can get back to level from new game save, down side is its at the start of level again.
So wont be saving game till out of this level and on next one next time i play the game.
Not a great option but if it means getting through rest of game so be it, as a patch could be days if no end of next week away.
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yea I was pretty upset as each of these missions take some time to get through , I believe i was half way through the mission -reclaimer- ... after this ... it killed my morale to finish on.
LOL @ "How do you copy & paste a game and mess it up." Be careful what is said, mods go crazy around these parts.
BUMB - for others.
Im getting the black screen w red writing untracked build cant load or whatever after every mission i beat in Halo 4 after mission 4. Also theres no option to resume game or whatever I just have to select the mission i was going to start. Getting the achievements though so the game is recognizing the missions as completed. So weird.

If Halo 5 beta is anywhere near this buggy I hope they extend its duration A. so they can fix it and B. to give players a chance
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