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Can't transfer MCC from external drive to Series X

OP MasterOfWar6615

I just finished downloading the latest MCC patch while it was installed on one of my external drives. I want to transfer it to my Series X drive to take advantage of the enhancements but whenever I try to move the game it freezes at 6.03 gigabytes (~5%) and then refuses to continue moving. I've tried copying the game, removing the Reach and ODST addons, removing and reinserting the external drive, and hard resetting my console to no avail. I've successfully transferred other games from the same drive to the Series X and back with no issue. It'll take me a week to redownload it straight to the Series X because my internet is complete crap so I'd rather leave that as a last resort. Does anybody have any other suggestions on other methods to try to fix this? Thanks in advance.