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Can we get a Multiteam playlist for MCC?

OP j0sh291

I know everybody is trying to get their favorite playlist into MCC, and so am I with the proposal of Multi-team for MCC, besides Team Action Sack, it is the only playlist where you get to play random popular gametypes for all four games just for fun and so it was Multiteam in Halo 3 and Reach. I had tons of fun in it and I bet many of you as well.

I am no saying this needs to be added just now, it can be added later.

Any thoughts about this? Would you like this playlist be added at some point to the game?
yes multi team would be a blast.
If they bring Multi team back I hope they bring infection as well
we need Halo 2 and Halo 3 Multi team. And Team Objective for Halo 2 and Halo 3. I for one am sick and tired of Halo 4 Maps being games constantly loaded
I totally agree with this post. I miss multi-team!!
Multi team was always great fun. My favourite playlist to warm up in back of the day. Social slayer is way too easy aswell whereas in multi team you can have 6 peoples fighting you with only 1 team mate to help you out makes for more clutch plays and multi kills.
I wish they added multi-team into matchmaking. Or I would rather have it in an official team objective playlists or something.
I agree, multi team was super fun!