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Can we get confirmed series X performance?

OP Erasmolabestia

I mean we all know that this entire collection could probably easily be run on series x hardware at 4k120. Do you guys think we can expect an update for that soon after teh console's release? I'd assume since the team is working on high refresh rates for pc they could probably easily translate that knowledge and get it running on series x. Playing halo ce in 4k120 on a series x would just be so dope.
So far, there has been no confirmation on more visual improvements for the MCC, on console. According to official sources, games that have Xbox One X Enhancements will have those same enhancements available on the XSX.

The 343 team that is currently handling the MCC is busy adding the remaining titles to PC, meaning that visual features for console have been left on hold, such as an FOV Slider. Probably after Halo 4 releases on PC, we'll see more visual enhancements coming to the console version, and since other games are getting next-gen upgrades, I don't see why 343 wouldn't do the same for the MCC or maybe even Halo 5, however I doubt that we'll see some kind of announcement anytime soon.