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Can you please fix the broken spawns?


The spawns in this game are awful. Every game I've played today has had people spawn in plain sight of the enemy, next to them, behind them etc. It's broken in it's current state.
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That's pretty much halo, halo has always had stupid spawns. Hell on CE at the start of a big team battle it spawns like half of the teams with each other and you can get a kill within the first second of the match starting.
No, it would completely screw high level players. A lot of players are very familiar with how the spawn system works and take full advantage of it. Taking that away takes away one of the core skills, at least for CE. I like being able to spawn teammates at specific locations and block enemies from spawning in others. For example, on Prisoner, as soon as I know someone is respawning, I put myself right in the in the corner by the overshield. My teammate will always spawn next to me, and the enemy will always spawn underneath me.