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Open nat
searching by myself or with 1-2 friends
cant even find a game anymore
was finding games every hour or 3 an hour
says connection to host failed

Also matching is unfair for me and opposite teams always play in 5v4 3v2 I even had a game 6v4 I know its impossible but I promise ot happened. Also I have to reatart the game after every game a play, and when im with friends it disconnects us from the party and they usually seem to be on th opposite team. I played 4 games with them and was on their team one time. Please fix this soon. I know you guys are working hard and I really do appreciate it and I know thw frustrated people suck but it'll all be worth it. Thank you guys. Stay strong and focused. I just thought I would try to put my input in. Please fix this.
They are currently aware and working on every issue you described. Thanks for staying positive. A lot of people on these forums are freaking out so its nice to see someone be positive for a change. Hopefully things will be better really soon. Hang in there and I will see you on the battlefield!
This game is a piece of dog -Yoink-
Chazzems wrote:
This game is a piece of dog -Yoink-
Thank you for your well thought out in depth response that clearly contributed to this discussion.