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[Locked] Cross Play needs to Happen when CE is out on PC.

OP MasterCh1ef87

I’m posting this in regards not just for the Halo CE FanBase on MCC, but for the other games as well.

A short condensed background, over the last 4 years I’ve hosted over a 1000 games of Custom Games of Halo CE and another 1000 hours of Halo CE MatchMaking. I’ve seen regulars that play on a regular basis, or in waves that come and go on, others on a semi regular basis. If you need proof my service record on here is all that you need.

One question I’ve asked people I regularly play with the last year is what version of MCC will you play when Halo CE comes to PC? Not to my surprise some people will be migrating over to the PC version once it’s out. This is a problem, for not just Halo CE’s population on Xbox but for the other games as well. Population numbers will go down, Match Making Times will go up, it’ll be harder to get lobbies for Custom Games.

I know Cross Play between Xbox and PC will be monitored per the October Dev. Update, but I’m here posting this as a warning don’t wait until it’s to late. Get the jump on it now plan ahead for it.

We all want more more people to match against, to find MatchMaking Games quicker and more people to do Customs with. Separating people isn’t the answer, let’s grow the community by integrating Xbox and PC together.