• Two Ranked CrossPlay playlist that are multi game playlist
  • Cross play option for social mixer
  • Maybe a setting to choose if you want to play pc players with mouse or pc players with controller only (Or just Force PC players controllers to play with xbox friends)
  • Maybe when xbox players are in a match PC players FOV options revert to xbox FOV for match
  • Possibly revert pc sensitivity to max xbox sensitivity settings only when xbox players in game
I know people are debating weather this should be a thing but what if the xbox player base does down and we have to play with pc players, not that it will even happen
But they should at least add it allowing both platforms to choose how they wanna use cross play so we can at least decide if we wanna play with people with better settings or play with forced restrictions depending on a mixer setting

I belive most ranked playlist be separate with mabes 2 for more objective base and one for killing
I think this would be a win win for both sides of the cross platform debate
It doesn't need to be that complicated. Cross play should be made optional for campaign and all multiplayer gametypes. Those who don't want to face pc players don't have to. Everyone else who wants cross play can match each other. The xbox population on mcc isn't that big. Having optional crossplay will increase the population and not force people to play pc players.