You can only go into crouch when you're stood still? I don't remember that being in the older Halo games. Was just wondering if others were experiencing this and if it will ever get fixed possibly?
You can crouch in mid air. I don't think there is an animation for walking in the short time it takes from standing to crouching. It would look goofy if it was implemented without making the animation. Your spartans legs wouldn't move in relation to the ground until you were fully crouched and the crouch walking animation started.
You can crouch when moving. Not sure why 343 would want to take that away. But, it's much easier to do when you get around a wall or trying to avoid a sniper who's deadlocked on you.
I was thinking of this playing Halo CE.
I’ve noticed it’s hard to crouch while moving in ce, the other games haven’t given me any trouble with crouching.
If you are talking about Halo: Combat Evolved then that is the way it has been since 2001.
It depends on the game. In the classic titles, you can crouch while walking at half speed or so. In Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 4, you can crouch while walking at full speed.
Yes, you can walk while crouching, but once you reach a certain speed, you will automatically stand up. Most people never notice because the default controls have crouch and move on the same stick. It’s more obvious if you remap it’s but it’s always been that way.