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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Custom Game Browser.

The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or dedicated feedback relating only to MCC's Custom Game Browser. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
posted this in the other feedback thread few day ago but i'll place it here as well

  • MCC Game: CGB
  • Feedback: Please add a custom firefight tab in the CGB for custom firefights in Reach (and later ODST when support is added in the future)
  • MCC Game: CGB
  • Feedback: on many forged reach maps used in the cgb are graphical issues like intense flickering
  • Additional info: I believe theres an issue within reachs forge that causes lighting issues and flickering when there are too many objects on the map or something. Also i recorded whats going on on those maps:
You should add the Target Locator to more Forge/BTB maps in Reach. Its a lot of fun and can be used for minigames or Invasion etc.

As for the CGB, my biggest complaint is that you cannot invite friends to custom game browser games, they instead have to search for the same session as you, which is extra hard when there are multiples of the same session and you cannot see who is playing it currently.

As a Reach forger, I should add that the customs browser's addition broke saving forge maps. When loading up any forge map that you've been working on prior, there is no "Save" option... only "Save as new". This means every time you load your forge map, you can't save changes to it, you have to save a new copy of it. This is pretty annoying for the forge community, as there is a 50 private file limit and now we have to make sure to delete more maps to make room for additional copies of maps you've already been working on. This bug happened during the CGB stress test, and is back with the full release. Myself and many others from the forge community have already made support tickets for this.
Not being able to invite friends to your custom game is quite infuriating. It is often difficult to find friends’ sessions in order to join them, especially since players seem to join and leave quite often, meaning that by the time you find the lobby it might already be full.

Being able to change the map and gametype rotation on the fly would also be extremely useful. As it stands, only three gametypes are allowed. That means CGB lobbies for mini games are forced to play the same thing over, and over, and over until you’re sick of it. If we could change the map and gametype rotation, we would not have to be so limited. At the very least, increasing the number of variants would help.

Being able to terminate the lobby as the host. Right now, when the host leaves, the game keeps going. If the host accidentally uses the wrong gametype or map variant, or otherwise makes a mistake setting up the server, there’s no way to manually close the session and start up another. This can clutter the CGB with maps and modes that were mismatched.

The CGB for some reason seems to have caused a bug with forge. We are now unable to save over old files. The only way to make changes to a forge map is to save it as a new, separate file. This would not have been a problem had our private storage not been capped at only 50 files. If my private storage is full, I’ve essentially lost any changes I made to the forge map. I am quite certain this is related to the CGB because the bug showed up during the scale test, went away when it ended, and now is back with season 7.
  • FEEDBACK: "Leave As Squad"
Having the ability to leave a Custom Game Browser Server with your Squad without having to re-invite your squadmates everytime your surfing through servers.
New Feature Idea: the ability too download maps and gametypes from the CGB. for example: me and my friends want too make a private lobby, and play some custom games, but i don't have any downloaded, so i should be able too go to the CGB and download maps and gametypes without having too join them.
Overall this feature is everything I ever wanted with a custom games browser. Great work! But some minor complaints I have are things such as not being to back out of a game as a group (I can go into a lobby with friends in my party but can not leave with them, have to leave individually) and also some kind of filter for game modes and/or maps would be great.
Please allow more then 3 variants. It’s a very limiting number when you wanna play a wider variety of custom maps with different game types while keeping your lobby of players. On that note I’d also add a ”leave with lobby” feature of some sort. Finally, please allow us to invite friends to servers while playing. It’s very infuriating when a friend lags out and there’s no way of inviting them back or them joining through a friend.
My friend got inexplicably banned from a game type, :Battleship Blockade." He played several games in a row. Doing well on offense and defense and then was kicked. He went back to the browser and saw another game that seemed similar and hopped in. The game started and then he was banned. What mechanic cause this?
FEEDBACK: CGB needs an option for private, invite-centric lobbies. CGB has become an interest among competitive players because of the competitive integrity of dedicated servers, over the usual p2p hosting in custom games. CGB could be a huge landmark for both online tournaments and casual matches between players trying to improve. Please consider!
CGB is great but trying to enter a game I need to attempt like 5 times, each fail saying "game doesn't exist" which can get tiring.

A textbox search function of some kind would be a great addition, or a "recently visited" feature.
New Feature Idea: the ability too download maps and gametypes from the CGB. for example: me and my friends want too make a private lobby, and play some custom games, but i don't have any downloaded, so i should be able too go to the CGB and download maps and gametypes without having too join them.
This. Also improve fileshare generally to how its on reach or H5, where you can search for keywords and tags additionally to gamertags to find the map/type youre looking for. As of now you have to know the gamertag of who has it in their fileshare in order to get it.

Additonally please try to integrate the archives of Forgehub/ halomaps/ h2maps/ etc as they contain many maps and types for CE, H2/H2A, H3, H4 and Reach. With CGB being extended to the other titles and upcoming/increasing support for mods and custom maps for CE and H2 created back in the day, this would be a beautiful addition. Please talk with the guys running those sites to make it possible
Pyra5690 wrote:
CGB is great but trying to enter a game I need to attempt like 5 times, each fail saying "game doesn't exist" which can get tiring.

A textbox search function of some kind would be a great addition, or a "recently visited" feature.
Yeah, better filtering and search options are definitely needed. Also would be better if full lobbies were hidden instead of being gathered at the bottom of the list
1.When playing with my brother in CGB we always somehow get in the opposite team.
2. Can we do something about AFK players, it gets annoying when you have someone in your team not playing a CUSTOME game.
3. I’m not sure what happens to LEGENDARY Firefight but can we also make that a option or atleast a rotation, it was on the flighting 2 months ago. And I been told it is Action Sack but I don’t want to play random games until I reach LEGENDARY firefight.
Over all it’s been a blast, I didn’t really care much for CGB but I’m having to much fun. Thank you 343 for making this happend.
So far i think the CGB is great, my only suggestions would be to make map/gamemodes a little more clear. Maybe have the description move cycle when hovering over it or see it in the details section. Other than that maybe just make creating a session a little more user friendly it took me a good while go figure out how to set maps and gametypes in a session. I think quick pictures of maps/gametypes when your hover over a session as well as a description that moves or able to see the full description in the details section would really go a long way. Other than that i i real like what iv played so far, can't wait for the other games to be supported!
Keep repeatedly getting "Servers are down" error and I have to keep spamming "browse" to finally get into the menu.

First, Improved sorting in the browse menu:
  • Retain sorting so it doesn't reset to default sort order when you peek at a game details and go back to the list
  • Allow filtering by hosted region (not just sorting by ping) - just apply this automatically from selected server regions in settings
Most Importantly, a reputation system (for hosts at the very least):

There are a lot of toxic lobbies (for example: FFAs where people are teaming). Obviously in a custom game, it's up to the host to boot people not following the custom game's agreed upon rules. But some hosts are allowing toxicity in lobbies. There should be a way to report these hosts. Reports could contribute to a negative overall reputation. Bad enough rep, and they get flagged in your system.

Flagged hosts either aren't allowed host games at all, or at the very least show in the browser that the custom game is hosted by a user with a flagged rep; that way a browsing user can avoid wasting their time. Maybe just showing the flagged rep is the best - it might corral players who thing toxicity is fun together instead of just pushing them to create new accounts.

Something like this MUST be done to have any longevity in the population of the Custom Game Browser. If toxicity is permitted, it will grow. If it's filled with too many toxic lobbies, everyone who's looking for a fun custom will stop even looking.

Beyond that, contribute being kicked from lobbies toward rep (and hosts with flagged rep kicking people shouldn't count toward negative rep, otherwise if you join a toxic lobby and call them out, they can just report you and kick you). Show people's flagged negative rep, or better yet allow hosts to require non-flagged rep to join. Microsoft account rep could also be taken into account. A smart enough system will also have to be put into place to consider new accounts doing these things to be flagged more quickly. You'd also want to do things like detecting people using new accounts to go into non-toxic lobbies and report hosts just to disrupt the system.

Obviously this kind of system would have to be fairly robust and complicated (thus time consuming and costly to build) to be effective, but if you're going to try to but anything like this in Infinite especially, it really needs to be done.

A lot of nostalgia for Halo fans comes from custom games, so making a more accessible way for people to find custom lobbies and create those memories is a really good idea. But more accessibility necessitates certain safeguards. Curbing toxicity isn't as quite easy as kicking a bad seed from an invite only lobby, or politely asking someone to get it together or leave your house at a LAN.

Oh, and please do something to detect network manipulation (e.g. lag switching). The amount of teleportation is bonkers.

Any criticism of the current system comes from a love of the franchise, and a genuine hope for its success.

- PG
It be nice if there was some way to help low populated lobbies to get more visibility.
Like a quick join or some filters to sort the lobbies. I've had a lobby where almost no one joins, then I leave to see my map and game in a different lobby, with higher numbers than mine. I'm glad it was being played, but why was it not my lobby? It's was just weird.

I've been loving the custom game browser regardless, I just hope there is a way to help low population to get noticed more easily.
  • FEEDBACK: Add the ability to choose which team join-in-progress players are placed in. I'm have seen some issues with Infection gametype variants such as Halo on Halo where the Last Man Standing was replaced by a join-in-progress player, forcing them on the infected team which disrupts the flow of the game. If possible maybe also an option to allow join-in-progress players to only spawn when the next round starts.
If these were already existing options then I apologise and hope someone could help point out what are the settings I need to use.
Other than that I'm having a lot of fun with the CGB.
Hello 343. I really appreciate everything you've done for the older Halo games on MCC. Well the first 6 games. I love all the games new and veteran players are making for the CGB. I have one question though. Wen will the other games that had custom game browser enter the CGB party?
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