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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Custom Game Browser (CGB) Scale Test.

The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's CGB Scale Test. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: please specify which area within MCC's CGB you're providing feedback for.
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
#1: MCC AREA OF CGB: Browsing for a custom game
FEEDBACK: The Browser doesn't specify which title of Halo is being played. It would be nice to have a column to show the title of the custom game. E.G. Having an icon of the appropriate title being displayed in the first column before "Session"
ADDITIONL INFO: Title of the game is shown when you go to the menu to see session details, but that is an extra step. It would be helpful to just shown the title initially in plain sight.

#2: MCC AREA OF CGB: Browsing for a custom game
FEEDBACK: Allow users to apply specific filters to narrow down search for custom games. E.G., filter by title, region, filter out full servers, etc.
ADDITIONAL INFO: There's no filter option that I could find in the UI. All the full servers are at the topic of the list, and anything that shows 15/16 players already gets filled up quickly. It's bothersome to having to scroll through the list of servers with a controller when all the full games are listed at the very top.

#3: MCC AREA OF CGB: Browsing for a custom game
Feedback: Implement a marquee when highlighting a server where text gets cut off with "..." so a user can see the full name of a table. E.G. GAME TYPE: "TU BIG TEAM SLAY..."
Additional info: This is a response to an item on the known issues list regarding text fitting in a table

#4: MCC AREA OF CGB: Create
Feedback: Option for voice chat broadcast. An option for voice chat for either "All Players" or "Team Only".
see above
see above
Friendly reminder that the forum rules still apply. Please edit your posts to add all info to one vs posting repeatedly.

Thank you!
My Platform: PC

Feedback on the browsing:
  • Add filters to the browser. There should be a filter that can be applied to only show games that are not full, only show games within a certain ping range, or only show games on certain maps, ETC.
  • There are problems navigating the browser with a controller: You don't seem to be able to view the details of a game before you join it when using a controller to navigate the browser.
  • Let players see what game is being played on the browser.
  • Let players see the name of the player hosting.
Feedback on the creation:
  • Add customizable team balancing: Some kind of system that automatically moves players to balance teams based around a set amount of players per team maybe, like, you could select 8v8, 4v4, 3v3, or even allow for multi-team auto balancing, that would really be helpful.
  • Let hosts create more than 3 Variants.
  • Let hosts change the variants and game settings without making a completely new lobby.
  • Give hosts more options for maps per variant. 6 Maps is very limiting.
  • Let hosts select more than one gametype per variant.
  • Condense the list of maps and gamemodes. Make each option in the list take up less vertical space, so that if you have a lot of gametypes and maps you can see more of them at once, it makes navigation easier.
  • Allow hosts to modify gametypes in the gametype selector.
  • Allow hosts to specify a specific input device. If you're trying to host some kind of competitive thing you should be able to make it so only people with matching inputs can join you.
  • Let hosts modify the Pre-game gametype variant.
  • Let hosts ban players.
Feedback on gameplay:
  • Emblems sometimes do not appear for other players.
I will edit this post if I discover anything new.
All I need is filter for certain things but 10/10 so far
MCC AREA OF CGB: Playing a custom game as a host
Feedback: The host of a custom game cannot see the emblems of any players who join on the scoreboard. It looks just like how the scoreboard looks in a theater clip.
Additional info:
Steam screenshot of scoreboard from a theater clip. I didn't think to take one during the match, but it looked exactly like this.
Well, a dream that comes true,
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Browsing for a custom game
  • FEEDBACK: I would advise you to set the UI like that of Project Cartographer, where you see a preview of the map you are going to select. The more information the better.
For the rest, all is very enjoable. Thank you 343, can't wait to play modded maps on the CGB!
Feedback: Give gamemodes an option to make it so if a round is in progress, joining players won't spawn that round
this is so that if theres a gamemode like Duckhunt where players have one life per round, if someone dies they can't be replaced with a player that just joined
but keep it an option so that other gamemodes can do whatever with it, if they want a chaotic mess that players can freely join and quit

More feedback from a few min later:
Add an option for having an intermission between rounds, just a quick 15-30 seconds so that the players can talk and whatever or change a setting
Rotation Issues:

I run CTF maps Only! All my maps have their own variant they are all
CTF maps with CTF variants example:

A. Map #1 with CTF variant #1
B. Map #2 with CTF variant #2
C. Map #1 with CTF variant #1
D. Map #3 with CTF variant #3
E: Map #1 with CTF variant #1
F. Map #4 with CTF variant #4
Total Maps: 6
This is the rotation I want to run and cannot!

This is not usable for for Hosting Custom Game Server. I should be able to
run all the maps I have in any order that I wish and cannot!

Also IN PREGAME: The game It is coming up with a list for what weapons you want to use. I have that turned
off in my CTF variant settings. So why is that coming up?
I have spacific weapons for the First and Second weapons depending
on the map. Also the radar is coming up and it is TURNED OFF in my CTF variant settings!

IMHO 343I makes the game browser setup to host a game is more complicated than is needed!
pre game lobbies would be nice just like hosting custom games for friends so that the host can select more than 3 maps/modes. Also the ability as host to ban people not just kick them would be good too for the hackers that join over and over again
FEEDBACK: Loving the simplicity of the CGB so far.Add a filter/search option to the browse menu that will allow you to filter servers, game types, and search via text or gamertag.
ADDITIONAL INFO: The sort functions are great but having a filter to combine them with would be even better!

FEEDBACK: When selecting a game that is currently at its maximum capacity of players, prompt the user if they would like to join a queue for this game, so that if someone leaves they will have a chance at getting in. Players in queue to join are selected at random unless there are options for the host to specify what happens to queued players such as incremental.

FEEDBACK: When "Repeat Game" is set to "ON" have an additional "Queue New Players After Game" option that when enabled will send all current players (except for the creator) into a queue along with any members from the lobby also in a queue. Players are then selected at random from both queues to join the next game.
FEEDBACK: Add the following options:
  • Search with text function (game mode/map/host)
  • Filters such as hide full/empty servers/add queue for full matches
  • Random rotation option for maps if multiple are selected when creating server.
Other than that, it looks sleek and very functional. Can't wait to see how it progresses over time.
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Persistence and Player/Map Control
  • FEEDBACK: We should have the option of keeping the game running when no one is in there, the server can be in an offline state but spin up when someone joins it. This is more like the old school dedicated servers where people all join the same server, and try to fill it up when its empty. As an alternative solution, let us share server settings with friends, when you make changes on your end, they update for your friends, so multiple people can spin up an empty server. I haven't tried it, but also let other players be promoted to moderators to kick/ban other players. Also, can the leaders change the maps mid game? I would like to run small maps on near empty servers then switch to full size CTF maps when 8+ people are in. Moderators should be able to have this function as well.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Basically like the old Halo CE servers
MCC AREA OF CGB: Browsing for a custom game
FEEDBACK: Loving everything so far but would highly recommend a filter which can remove certain gametypes/maps based on either the base gamemode or based on the title of the gametype or map.
ADDITIONAL INFO #1: For example I would love to filter out anything in the CGB that has Assassination Tower or Clan Raid maps apart of a Custom Game Lobby's map rotation.
ADDITIONAL INFO #2: Similar to how Halo Reach, and Halo 4's in game file browser worked when searching maps/gametypes to download by names or tags but add the ability to use those names or tags to block out specific map names/gametype names.

FEEDBACK: If you're viewing the details of a custom game and you hit the back button, your highlighter will be reset to the top of the custom games list. It would be good if it stayed on the game that you were viewing so you don't have to scroll back down to where you were in the game list.

FEEDBACK: If you try to join a full game or one that's not available anymore, the popup notification that tells you it's not available appears behind your friend's list in the menu so it's obstructed from view. My suggestion would be to move it to a different area of the menu where it won't be obstructed.
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Browser
  • FEEDBACK: I wish there was a queue for the games that are already full of players, so if somebody leaves players can join instantaneously in order depending if they were the first ones trying to join.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Just as in Halo 5 CGB, there is a queue for players to allow them to join when somebody leaves.
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Creating a game
  • FEEDBACK: Add an option to allow to join "only parties/teams" so in this way if I make for example a 4v4 game with my team of 4 we wait for another full 4 players team to join to our game, this would help a lot for clan and friends based games.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Just as ranked matches work when a full team of friends are searching they only find also full teams, I would like to see this feature on CGB too.
Worked absolutely fine for me! More than happy with what 343 have done.


FEEDBACK: My only piece of feedback is that we have to scroll down past multiple lobbies that are full (16/16). Maybe if a lobby is full they can be removed or a filter to search for available lobbies.
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Playing (not host)
  • FEEDBACK: Unable to bring up menu to quit game after failing to disconnect. I got stuck in a lobby after trying to disconnect right before the host switched gamemodes. I pressed escape, to bring up the menu, and then clicked leave game, but between then and me actually leaving the game, the host swapped the gamemode. I entered a loading screen, and was moved into the new gamemode. From this point onwards I was unable to bring up the menu by pressing escape. I played a few rounds, hoping the issue would fix itself, but it never did.
I had to end the MCC process in task manager to exit the game.

  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Browsing
  • FEEDBACK: Please implement a filter system that takes more than a single variable into account, and add more options to the search system. As an example: I want to be able to filter out full lobbies, and servers with a ping greater than 150, and then display the remaining lobbies in alphabetical order.
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Creating a lobby
  • FEEDBACK: Allow servers to be locked by password, such that only people with the password can join.
  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Playing (Infection)
  • FEEDBACK: People who join mid-round as a survivor can register as enemies to existing survivors. When hovered over, the reticle turns red, their name appears in red just like an enemy, and they show up as enemies on the minimap. If you kill them it seems to register as a betrayal. Additionally, these people do not appear correctly as survivors to the infected (they have no marker above their head)

  • MCC AREA OF CGB: Playing
  • FEEDBACK: I've had a couple of games now with good ping that have a sort of jumpyness to them, like I'm experiencing packet loss. I'm reasonably confident that the issue is not on my end. I'm 99% sure I'm playing on the East Australia servers, if it makes a difference.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Every time I have experienced this so far has been in a gametype with vehicles.
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