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Will this be possible as there was only 3 varrirnts in flight
When custom game browser is complete this is playlist of all heavies blood gulch maps
Warriors gate........ reach team heavies
Blood gulch...........1 team heavies
Hemorrhage.........1A team heavies
Coagulation......... 2 team heavies
Blood line............ 2A team heavies
Valhalla............... 3 team heavies
Viking.................. 3A team heavies
Ragnarok............ 4 team heavies
Cold blooded...... 5 team heavies
Absolutely love the CGB it brings a lot more life to the game and it allows the community to connect with each other much easier. The only two problems for me is that you can’t actually join people’s invites if they’re in a CGB lobby. Also the fun/competitive map customs from the CGB could easily be attainable if you could save maps directly by pressing “Details”. You could add a save map option and game mode option so it would be a lot more simpler than having to search on YouTube or a website to get the maps and modes. Of course if you’re doing this some people might not like their maps and game modes being saved. So you can add another feature for making maps and game modes hidden for CGB.
Hello. Not sure if this is a common request or not, but I would like to be able to bring my party with me when I leave a custom game (if I'm the party leader). Besides that, I loved the test!
Ham Owns wrote:
Hello. Not sure if this is a common request or not, but I would like to be able to bring my party with me when I leave a custom game (if I'm the party leader). Besides that, I loved the test!
I agree with this! One of the few issues I had was having to re-invite others back to my party every time we decided to change lobbies.
Maybe this could play into a potential waitlist as well - like if I have two players in my party and there is only one spot in the lobby, one player could join and the other person could be automatically waitlisted
Platform: PC, Steam

Area for feedback: Browser List

Had to click 'details' button twice to get a response, could get tangled with viewing details for different games I clicked on details for previously, although when I noticed this it was after the browser had been switched off for us peasants and I was yet to restart the game so maybe that was screwing with it. Otherwise, basically functional at the very least with column sorting ascending/descending. Obviously missing a search bar + other filters and a password y/n as others have no doubt mentioned, but still a positive and usable upgrade from nothing. Very impressed that the latency column was not boilerplate bars and instead a proper numerical value.

Area for Feedback: Session/Create Options

I'm sure these have all already been mentioned but autobalance, session passwords, voice controls are missing. Also, the map/variant rotation limit is very prohibitive. It should be at least double imo.

Area for Feedback: Ingame

Scoreboard does not display other players' emblems

Voice controls per map/variant
Voting mechanism for stuff like scrambling teams, kicking players, or changing maps/variants (!votescramble, !votekick, !voteban, !votemute, rtv anyone?)


I believe my thoughts are mostly just standard online pc game server things that have already been mentioned/suggested. I have a faint hope we'll eventually be allowed access to the dedicated server binaries themselves so we can host proper 24 hour servers on our own machines with a whole myriad of admin options in the config, no map rotation limits, and the classic rcon/native custom content distribution which was standard for aaa pc gaming in the pre-mw2 beforetime; although I'm not holding my breath.

As it stands, I see no good reason not to leave the current barebones iteration of the CGB available to us peasants with a 'Work in Progress' disclaimer given that it functions well enough as a prototype so that people can at least continue to test/use it and have fun with it. tbh I'm baffled as to why it's been taken away in the first place. I'd understand if it was barely working at all but as a barebones feature it was doing its job well, and it was much better than no browser at all. Please please please turn it back on :))))))
I thought the custom games browser was good but there was definitely a lot of bugs that could be fixed:

1. Filters. Don’t get me wrong it’s awesome that there are many lobbies constantly full, however I want to be able to view lobbies that I can join immediately so maybe adding customizable filters would be an idea.

2. laggy menus and/or gameplay. Most of the time the gameplay within custom games was fine but I noticed I ran into a lot of issues leaving and joining games and accessing the menu while in-game. Not sure if anyone else one had this issue but I noticed it on my end.

3. please more variety *cough cough H3*! I know just to start they were testing this out with Reach but I do think when they roll this out fully it has to have other games especially Halo 3!
Please have the next cgb game halo ce
Add the current map and game mode picher to side so its easer to scroll through
It makes me sad to see this feature go temporarily, but I understand that they are trying to get it to work Properly before a full release. I just hope that it lives up to the expectations of the fans, and that it officially roles out soon. Like I said before, it is the most fun that I have had in MCC Online Multiplayer ever since Launch Day.
First of all, I must say that the cgb was awesome and definitely my favorite thing 343 has done ever to be honest.

Some of my own personal feedback for quality of life improvements and features:
(1) Add a filter for host name, game type, map, game(halo3 or halo reach) etc.
(2) Add more maps and variants you can set up in a single sever instead of just 3 for more variety in gameplay.
(3) I’m not 100% sure if this was a bug but there seemed to be a lot of instances where you’d try to join a server and even if it wasn’t full, and you knew that for a fact, you would get a message saying “server unavailable”. Again not totally sure if it happened to be a bug or not but please find a way around it.
(4) ability to invite friends to a session while in a server.
(5) ability to set up or change out variants for a server after a session without losing all the players you had in the previous session.
MCC's Custom Game Browser (CGB) Scale Test.


- I suggest a search and filter option.
- Some lobbies were unjoinable.
- Some lobbies were ruined by cheaters.
- Most lobies were great and people had a lot of fun.
- The CGB menu was in a great state.
- The connection and gameplay in most lobbies were excelent.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.
Worked absolutely fine for me! More than happy with what 343 have done.


FEEDBACK: My only piece of feedback is that we have to scroll down past multiple lobbies that are full (16/16). Maybe if a lobby is full they can be removed or a filter to search for available lobbies.
Actually I figured that one out pretty quick. If I went to the top of the column showing player count in games and clicked the column header above that twice with the A button, the filter on that would set to show the lowest count in games first and scrolling down would them show increased counts.
I feel like the options for the custom game browser should be more advanced, for example you can only have 3 variants and each variant has 6 maps and 1 gametype. Not gonna lie that's not a lot of options or flexibility. And maybe make so that it doesn't show full lobies first and instead it shows the opposite.
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yo diría que agreguen mas herramientas o mas material cual no se necesité de mod para obtener no se un vehículo como una fragata y que allá la posibilidad de añadir mecánicas mas nuevas como agregar npc como enemigos y aliados, como si crearemos una mimi campaña para aumentar la experiencia y hacia ver que tantas cosas se pueden crear nose como hacer una misión en donde el jefe maestro o un soldado tiene que llevar un objeto fundamental para retener el avance del flod en el anillo o en la tierra o en el arca
it is good
When will we see a test for H3?
When will we see a test for H3?
I think we are going in order. Next most likely will be ce.
you are very right, there are many glitches for players who join in the middle of games
Sometimes he gets to take out 2 players
I would say that they add more tools or more material which was not needed for a mod to obtain a vehicle such as a frigate and that there the possibility of adding newer mechanics such as adding npc as enemies and allies, as if we will create a mini campaign to increase the experience and to see that so many things can be created such as doing a mission where the master chief or a soldier has to carry a fundamental object to retain the advance of the flood in the ring or in the earth or in the ark
Kind of Forge to make levels by firefihgt
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