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Customs browsers and dedicated servers

OP iShark G

343 need add customs browsers and dedicated servers to mcc customs games to be honest would help a lot mcc to be more active in customs games A lot of people want it and a lot of people want make the old memories back ngl
Agreed, would be a nice addition. But with Infinite right around the corner...I don’t think we’ll see it added into MCC. If the game had game out in ace condition and they updated it and it was thriving from day one it’s possible it could of happened.
At this point I feel as if it’s too late for such a large addition to the game
343 is going to do it at one point. Currently it is in their backlog since they need to to alot of other things first.
And because of the current situation around the world it ill be more difficult for the dev's and people to do things since they are working from home. It may sucks but were just gonna have to wait.