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I had to get an XBOX to enjoy the entirety of Halo (after playing CE and 2 on the PC), I'd love to see the rest of them on PC. Hopefully they'll be better ported that most other console titles.
It would make sense. Halo 6 should come to PC (MS's Play Anywhere strategy) so it would make sense to bring MCC to PC. I would love it.
Since it's already been ported to Xbox One, it could theoretically be ported to windows store without many glitches and bugs.
But we are talking about porting 6 engines (Halo: CE PC, Halo CEA, Halo 2, Halo 2 A, Halo 3/ODST, Halo 4) from 3 differant consoles onto PC through one GUI. It probably would have a lot more game-breaking bugs than it would if you were to port; say all of Halo 5 on to PC. Despite being wrong on the bug fixes and 4K support with the Xbox version of MCC, I seriously doubt that even a third party would want to port MCC onto PC, especially considering they would need to add all the PC settings for all 6 engines and in the end it would only be going onto the windows store which really won't sell it.
It should be whether they come together or sold separately. Don't care as long as they get on PC, I honestly don't even care if they contain multiplayer. I just want the campaigns of the Halo games I like on a platform I actually still use.
I don't think it will be ported to the PC anytime soon.