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Does anybody prefer Halo 2A Multiplayer?

OP NuMetalSonic

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Gungoose CTF FTW!
I would love to be able to play it but I haven't been able to find a match on it yet.
I don't really like the Anniversary version, mainly because they nerfed Duel wielding making it worse and less useful. But I do like the maps and forge it has.
Not enough of it in matchmaking, it seems, but it really is awesome. I played a bit of it in custom games with some people; I recommend everyone play at least one game of Oddball on Warlock, because it is absolutely epic.
And of course, Gungoose CTF in action sack is insane.
Forge is an absolutely wonderful addition. A pity fileshare is non-existent.
Yeah the problem is that whenever I find players nobody votes for Halo 2 Anniversry at all :(

Whenever I try getting on the Halo 2 Anniversary playlist, it either takes ages to find people (which is normal for all playlists on MCC) but 90% of the time I NEVER find players.
I prefer it over Halo 4. But I prefer any over Halo 4. If I get the opportunity to vote for it, I usually do. I love Halo 3 (favorite), but I keep that in the Halo 3 playlist.
I strongly believe that Halo 2 classic is way better...
Sadly there is only one Halo2 classic playlist...
Double team should be Halo2 classic only and FFA too...
It depends. I hate the matchmaking Halo 2A gametypes, they aren't fun to play with strangers. On splitscreen, it's a complete drag because the game's framerate drops significantly. So, in a slayer gametype, preferably with the BR as the starting weapon, I find myself enjoying it. Otherwise, it's honestly a drag, at least for me.
I definitely do. Not really because it's "the best", but because it's kinda the MCC's premiere feature, and it's the newest Halo PvP I like.
It also doesn't suffer from major fundamental flaws like the other games on the MCC do either:
  • Halo 1 is very good, if there's no grenade spam, or invincible vehicles laying around.
  • Halo 2 (on TMCC) feels like a very poor and glitchy port of the PC version, which was already a poor port of the Xbox version.
  • Halo 3, while it has arguably one of the best sandboxes, feels and plays way too slow, clunky, and obsolete. (And honestly overrated; stop voting for it in BTB, smh)
  • Halo 4 has loadouts and ordnance drops. I think this particular problem has been beaten to death countless times, so I'm not going into that.
Halo 2 Anniversary, to me, feels like Certain Affinity took the Xbox version of Halo 2, ironed out it's glitches, took some of Halo 3's ideas, (Like the Hornet, the Mongoose, the AR, etc.) and threw them in there, creating a game with excellent potential. While it has the "Quality", it sadly doesn't have the "Quantity', which is why I don't think H2A is the best Halo. That honor goes to Halo CE. (With grenades disabled, of course.)
I liked the H2A multiplayer however, I find it much more enjoyable to go back and play Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3 because of the lack of the old multiplayers available. It saddened many gamers when the Halo CE and Halo 2 Xbox LIVE matches were disabled. I have heard many stories from other gamers about playing the old Halos in its final hours trying to keep it alive. Halo MCC allows for them to go back and relive old experiences that defined the future for many of the current gamers. Younger gamers who never got experience these old maps and gameplay can check it out. There will always be a new halo but the ability to bring a game back from the dead is something 343 succeed in very well. It is the classic Halo experience.
When I play MCC is the first playlist I go to. Love the graphics, far better than H5 in my opinion. May have something to do with the art style, who knows
H2 anniversary is really good
H2A is the best Halo I've played in years.
Halo 3 is overplayed IMO. I usually vote for H2A or Halo CE.
I agree Xbl Divinity. Halo MCC is made for Halo 2A, I wish people wouldn't always choose Halo 3. I do give 343 some of the blame, pratically evey mixed lobby has more Halo 3 choices. Look at BTB: Halo 2 and 2A share the left slot and Halo CE and Halo 4 share the right slot, Halo 3 is always the middle option.
Whenever it comes up in team slayer I vote for it. Love the feel of how it plays.
It is great but has nothing on Halo 2 classic.
I enjoyed it at the beginning, but then kinda swayed off of it. I enjoy the classic games more, but that's because I grew up with them.
I love the H2A multiplayer.
Apparently its engine is a mix of Halo 2's and Halo 5's
I enjoy it over Halo ce, 2 classic, and 3. Halo 4 I find to be about equal in quality.
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