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Don't you hate it when....?


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I hate it when every once in a while I scroll through the Halo 4's armor customization and Fotus is still at the bottom of the list! Smh, I just want Mark V, why is that so hard? Why has it not been added to the game yet? Better yet, of all the armors in Guardians rehashed from Halo 4, why was Mark V left out of the picture? Why does Mark V Alpha exist instead of what could have been taken from the previous game?

Also, I hate it when there's a certain customization piece I want but I have to go through the battle pass system to get it (having to unlock a bunch of other customization items I don't care for). Not that it's really hard to progress through, it's certainly been made easier since it was first introduced, but it is not as fun as Halo 3.
Teammates running into my vehicles. Teammates spawning as im drivin a vehicle.
When the enemy team is better than ours, but we have the lead. Those are the times to play conservatively and not rush in, but usually there's one player charging alone giving free points and narrowing our desperately earned lead lol.
When your the gunner of a warthog and the driver just drives towards a tank/wraith and get you both killed.
HC SOlO wrote:
I hate it when I'm waiting for a power weapon to spawn and my entire team starts spawning on top of me. I, of course, do not end up with said power weapon.
What do you "hate it when it happens"?
Just solo queue things.
I hate it when I'm in an 8v8 and my team is down 2-3 players due to quitting or idling.

I've been playing Halo 3 and 4 multiplayer, and lately I've been coming across this issue for way too many matches, especially the idling.

Also, when your Warthog driver stops a lot for no reason, or when you get moving 5 feet and you get lasered.
I hate it when you spawn and before you even have a chance to take a step or look around get sniped. Spawning MCC seems to be a lot less forgiving I swear in the 360 days you don't spawn right in sniper's sightline
When warthog drivers stop the vehicle, never stop the damn vehicle it just makes you a static target for just about everything
When I'm playing Halo 3 and the game crashes.

When I accidentally not save a Forge World.

When I miss my sniper shots.
game crashing in any of the halo games, game "crashing" but only hearing the game audio
When you get into a 4v4 match where your 3 teammates quit right off the bat and the other team trolls you and taunts you the whole game, even though it is just you vs the 4 of them... That is just the best experience in Halo, Ever! Also accidental Betrayals that I do to my teammates (Fortunately on VERY rare occasions).

Edit: Also not knowing that you could quit without Punishment at the time...
Dont you hate it when you finally figure out how to get on a multiplayer game and suddenly everyone is shooting at you but all youre trying to do is watch the clouds go by. Or, when you trying to pick flowers on that one map but you cant figure out how to put your gun away. Of course the worst is when your admiring your teammates armor but they keep jumping around and shooting the other colorful people.
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