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OP Mattie J x

Anyone else stuck in this screen? 343 is awesome!!!! (sarcasm)
Yep. Servers likely down. Can't handle the PERFECT FUNCTIONALITY of the new update. (sarcasm)
Same here
Same. Been this way for 30+ minutes. Download the patch, they said. It would help matchmaking, they said.
Same too I restarted my Xbox and game. Fix a problem now a new one shows up from even accessing the multiplayer.
Was happening for me :/
Yea I literally just posted a thread lol then I saw this. Been stuck for a while.

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Unknown wrote:
10-11 minutes now on this stupid screen
Just hard reset your xbox. That's what I did and now I can search. However, it still takes a long time to find a match....
I'm seriously curious about what they were thinking when they released this game.