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Dual wielding weapon combinations

OP V4d3r 0f 3ng3l

I don't know if I missed it some were, but I wanted to know what people like to pick up as their preferred dual wielding combinations. Mine is the pistol / SMG, or I also like doing the 3X ammo trick with the SMG.
Plasma pistol+Magnum
The best noob combo.
mine would have to be smg and pistol because precision and automatic make a deadly team
Not sure if the dual Needlers were nerfed, but those things were devastating in Halo 2.
Plasma rifle for shields smg for health! FTW
The only two combos I ever enjoyed were
Dual Needlers

Dual Spikers

the was tons of feature, hardly any benefit (save for the plasma pistol/magnum, but I prefer my plasma pistol/br for that).
Plasma rifle and smg or dual spikers.
SMG or needlers
Plasma rifle for shields smg for health! FTW
This is also my favorite combination.
Plasma rifle for shields smg for health! FTW
That´s the best one!
I was always partial to Plasma Rifle/SMG and Plasma Rifle/Mauler.
Plasma rifle/magnum if you can't get a plasma pistol. This combo is absolutely devastating at close to mid range. Its almost the noob combo but without having to switch to your BR. Just take down the shield and one shot to the head.