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Evidence of just how bad BTB is

OP Jotaro Kujo PhD

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Welp, haven't played this game much over the past few months and I didn't plan to until the update in spring, but I got the urge to play halo. So I searched about a dozen games in btb today and halo 3 won every time but 2. The 2 games I played weren't even fun. Halo 1 team slayer on blood gulch, 8 people quit immediately making it a 5v3, and on top of that there was a betrayer on each team. Then a bit later I played halo 2 Zanzibar ctf. 6 people quit a few mins into the first round, by the last round it was a 3v1. Wtf. Out of about 12 games only 2 weren't halo 3, this is why I stopped playing for a good awhile, and it's still the same, the halo 3 whiners are still out in full force. The 2018 spring update better come soon and change the voting because h3 is always an option, this was a halo 2 anniversary game, get 3 out of here, voting still needs to be fixed especially in btb. I doubt I'll even play again til this spring update
Wow, great gamertag. Anyway, I've been recently having more luck in getting different games when I party up after a match. If you get enough people together, you can really skew the vote in favor of something other than H3. A bit of a slimy tactic, but it works.
I play with classic halo guys when I can and we do this, but it still doesn't prevent the halo 3 babies from quitting out when their game doesn't win.
My favorite thing about the halo 3 community is when they play either CE or H2 and when the game is close which is usually at the beginning of the match or first round is when they quit. (Which is why most of us usually mess around and pretend they have a chance just to try to keep a game as close to full as possible lol) But if it’s halo 3 and the match is extremely lob sided like let’s say the score in a slayer match is 65 to 20 or a immediate flag capture no one leaves the game.
Would never happen in CE or H2, if you’re up by 15 kills or cap a flag it apparently boots people out of the game... lol

You leave a close game on H2 ctf but won’t leave a no chance of winning game on H3 is so infuriating. It’s like you’re choosing where to get your buttkicking and will only take it in a certain place.
Right! I play with a group of classic guys and we usually rig the vote with a party of 8. One time standoff team slayer halo 3 won the vote from a tie and we destroyed them 100-8, and nobody quit. Then we have a game of halo 1 on coagulation and the match starts as an 8v3. Halo 3 players are the biggest cry babies.
I haven't played BTB solo in MCC in well over a year, because it just isn't worth it unless you're a huge H3 fan. I don't strongly dislike H3, but unless you play with a group of classic Halo fans in MCC's BTB, it's most of what you see due to the number of H3 fans and the frequency it appears, so I became really tired of it. And then a lot of the die-hard H3 fans display toxic behavior (the ones who refuse to play any other Halo, and who will quit and betray if it's not H3). It's also an inferior version of the game gamplay-wise, yet H3 fans would rather play it than the backwards compatible version that is fully patched and plays much better. All of this has really soured my opinion of H3 in MCC. Ideally, MCC should treat all the Halo titles equally, and give fans of each game a chance to play the games they want, but unfortunately that isn't the case.
We all know that Halo 3 dominates most, if not all cross-game playlists in the MCC, especially BTB. But I wanted to find out just how much it would come up in comparison to the other games. I was inspired by a post I saw on r/halo that showed that Halo 3 came up 84% of the time in 50 matches. Over the past month I played and recorded the BTB matches I played, including the Halo selected, the map name, the gametype, and the number of quitters. Because of this, I think I'm done with BTB for a long time.

For starters, I have confirmed many people's suspicions about quitters, or that there are noticeably more quitters in CE and Halo 2 than in Halo 3. CE and H2 average 4-5 quitters per match and 3 quitters per match, respectively, and Halo 3 averages 2 quitters. Surprisingly, H4 only averaged 2-3 per match, and H2A showed the lowest number of quitters on average: 1-2. Of course, any numbers not associated with H3 aren't extremely reliable, as these games were played much less often.

As for gametypes, slayer and CTF variants dominated. 37% of all matches were slayer variants and 38% were CTF. Only 4% were dominion, and another 4% were assault variants. 9% were territories or 3 plots and 8% were KOTH variants (mostly H3 crazy king...ARs in BTB have to be an oversight on 343's part).

Now we get to the fun part: how often H3 was played. These two images sum up the bulk of my findings. I'll describe them in case the link doesn't work. Halo 3 won the vote 66% of the time; thus my data indicate that one will play on it 2 out of every 3 matches. The next most popular game, H4, won the vote 11% of the time. CE and H2 were about even, getting voted for 8% and 9% of the time, respectively. Finally, H2A was voted for in only 6% of all lobbies. H3 may not have won the vote 84% of the time, but 66% is still very bad.

The map frequencies were interesting in that despite H3 taking up the overwhelming majority of my matches, some H3 maps came up far more often than others. Last Resort, for example, was played in 15 matches, and Valhalla was played in 13. Together, these two maps alone took up more than a quarter of all matches played. Standoff came up 10 times, Rat's Nest 9, and Avalanche and Longshore 8 each. What was very surprising was that Sand Tarp took up only 3% of all matches, which was how often Coagulation was voted for and was actually 1% less than Bloodline's frequency. I guess Sand Tarp CTF is unpopular even among the H3 crowd.
Every other map that got voted for took up only 1% or 2% of all matches played. I never even played an entire third of the 43 maps in BTB. These include: Gephyrophobia; Hang 'em High; Sidewinder; Zanzibar; Containment; District; Remnant; Exile; Vortex; Harvest; Outcast; Perdition; Vertigo; and Ravine.

Did I waste my time? Maybe, but I wanted to get lots of numbers to show how bad the BTB situation is. The data I collected may not be completely representative of everyone's experience, due to disconnects, premature endings, or other things, but I believe the trends are. H3 shows up way too often and there is a serious quitting problem largely correlated with it not winning the vote. I can't even express how annoyed I get when someone immediately dashboards if Last Resort doesn't win for the umpteenth time. I'm utterly disgusted when I see tags like "H3 or I quit" or "H3 or I betray", and even more so when people actually betray because they didn't get what they wanted.

BTB is broken, and cross-game playlists are clearly colossal failures, as Truth would call them. Honestly, 343, you should just take away these playlists entirely, or at least remove voting. If you do the latter, I think that the map/gametype selection should be randomized, like it supposedly is in Halo 5. If there's one thing that must absolutely be done in the upcoming update, it's a total revamp of matchmaking itself.

Edit: The graphics I created were shared on r/halo as soon as I posted it here. I don't have a reddit account, so I can't participate in the conversation. But for anyone interested, check out the post over there.
I have to say I really dislike the map voting. It's always halo 3 and it's the most broken of all the games
Zappy180 wrote:
Fair play on recording all that data.

My main frustration is that there are a lot of achievements for H2A MP, yet maps like Bloodline almost never appear.

There are also some achievements which can't be earned in Halo 3 matchmaking (such as grenade kill medals not counting towards the 500 grenade kill achievement, or Steaktacular medals not counting towards the legendary medals achievement).

I've stopped playing MCC, but would definitely come back if there was a BTB playlist without Halo 3.
This is what really made me hate Halo 3. This is why it took me 2 years to complete that grenade kill achievement. I am still baffled by how H3 has a melee kill medal, but not a grenade kill medal. It makes no sense.

Some H2A achievements can be done in Forge or Custom Games. As long as the description doesn't specifically say you need to do it in matchmaking, you can do it in Forge or custom games.
I don't think I've said so in this thread already, but I'm so glad someone actually has some stats on BTB and map frequencies. Thank you for this.
Just solod 7 lobbies tonight and halo 3 won 6/7. Halo 2 on Zanzibar won the vote 1 time but it wasn't played because a halo 3 crybaby dashboarded.
Thank you for recording this data. For the sake of transparency, can you indicate in your original post if you yourself did any map voting, and if so, what for? Also, were you solo queuing, or were you partied up at all?
Thank you for recording this data. For the sake of transparency, can you indicate in your original post if you yourself did any map voting, and if so, what for? Also, were you solo queuing, or were you partied up at all?
I refrained from voting and I searched solo. When I go into BTB with a full group (which is usually MasterChief and his crew), we always get CE or H2, so recording data while in a group wouldn't have done much.
Because halo 3 and halo 4
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