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Favorite matchmaking playlist?

OP Volize

For those of you that play MCC multiplayer, what is your favorite playlist?

Mine is BTB because I always play with friends and have a great time. Never a dull moment :)
Good question... I love all of them, but I certainly like the most the H: CE, H2A, H3, and H4 ones. I like BTB as well, it would be my favorite if H3 wasn't chosen every time lol
BTB and Swat for social. H2C and H3 for ranked.
Halo Combat Evolved....My favorite playlist....Good ol' CE Doubles
BTB, Team Slayer, Halo CE Ranked, Halo 4 Ranked, screw it! All of them! Wish they would bring back Team Objective.
BTB for all games.
me Halo 2 classic
Halo 2, nothing else compares.
H2 G.O.A.T
Halo 4, 60fps is what that game was supposed to be. Id play the other playlists like BTB or snipers etc. if i could filter out certain games.
Infection. Nothing beats Halo 3 infection.
At this point, action sack. I'm so sick of always having to play Halo 3 in every other non-ranked playlist, and I have neither the skill nor friends to play ranked playlists.
my favorite playlist is halo 4^^
BTB but if there was rumble pit it would be that
Big Team Battle all the way!
Big Team of couse :)
Halo 3 :)
BTB and Swat always a lot of fun!
Probably Swat and BTB. But H2C and H3 are up there too.