Firefight needs a Compose Your Match menu just like Social Games matchmaking. If they decide to add Halo 3: ODST's Firefight, then you could choose if you want to search for Reach or ODST, or both.

Abd below the game titles, you'd have "Game Categories Include". You can search for WHATEVER game mode you want, instead of being thrown in a random game, on a random map. You can check the boxes of the modes you want to search for:

Firefight Arcade:
Arcade Fight
Fiesta Fight
Nade Fight
Plasma Fight
Rocket Fight
Sniper Fight
Generator Defense

Firefight Doubles:
Crash Site
Score Attack
Sniper Attack

Heroic Firefight Limited:
Firefight Limited
Generator Defense

Please, 343, enough with the randomness! I go to the same maps 45 times an hour. All I want to play is Arcade Fight on Beachhead. But instead, I have to hope and gamble all day to get on the map I want, with the game mode I want. Arcade Fight was the most popular mode in Reach's original Firefight, anyway; everyone always voted for it.

So in conclusion, please, add more options to Firefight, too. No randomness. Let the players choose what maps and a modes WE want to play. Don't just throw us into random modes on random maps, expecting us to play, and then ban us when we leave the game, because it's not the mode or map WE want.

Thank you,

I would love to have a composer over the playlists we have now. One mode in particular is the Firefight VS, if it actually got some attention from 343i I'm sure they could make it better.