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One of my biggest pet peeves about halo the mcc is the lack of options when it comes to video settings, I love having 4K and hdr with 60 frames per second, but when playing the mcc one of my biggest gripes period is the non implementation of FOV.
I live and breath halo and the fact that my beloved game Serious is coming to pc is amazing, and one of the biggest improvements I see is that the mcc will include on PC an FOV slider. As an Xbox player it make me kind of upset because if I could change one thing about experiencing all of my favorite halo games it would be the FOV. In games like halo 3 I feel very clasturephobic, I even heard some of my friends get motion sickness from very low FOV. All I wish with this new update that includes halo reach is that it comes with more options because of a release on PC and the hype of so many options on there. I’ve seen a lot of tests with FOV on halo reach on the PC and it barely affects performance at all. Which proves that it probably can be done on Xbox as well.
Please listen 343 I really love halo and all I wish is for there to be an FOV slider

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You're not the only one disappointed, but we shouldn't be surprised at the lack of visual options. Games on consoles very rarely have detailed options, so we definitely shouldn't be surprised for Halo to lack such options, as Halo has always been console first, PC second.

They heard our cries. Let's hope they answer with the right call.
Can anyone explain to me from a technical standpoint, why video settings like this aren't available to toggle on xbox? I understand the obvious, that hardware in the xbox is probably a lot weaker than hardware in most gaming PC's, but why don't they atleast give us the option to try these settings and deal with frame rate drops or whatever limitations may occur? I am not a PC gamer, but halo 3 is my favorite game of all time. I would love to be able to change the field of view for it on my xbox. Would bring a fresh experience.

I am actually watching the H3 PC showcase livestream on YouTube as I type this, and they briefly mentioned limitations for these features on xbox, but have not said yet if they will ever be available on xbox. If anyone at 343 is reading this, please please let this be an option. If not possible for xbox one due to the limitations, please add it to the series x :(
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