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H3 HCS / Team Hardcore Settings Update

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Since Halo 3 has come back into the competitive scene in a big way, we’ve been keeping an eye on the competitive settings from both a player and viewer’s perspective.

For the HCS Invitational at SXSW, we’re planning to make some minor changes but we’re looking for your help in collecting data and providing feedback. With Oddball on Guardian and King of the Hill on Construct, we’ve been noticing many “dead man walkingscenarios where, at the end of the game, one team is so far ahead that it’s mathematically impossible for the other team to come back. This is especially true for Oddball on Guardian. For viewers, this often leaves the match in a weird state where some players are still playing, some have put their controllers down to celebrate, and perhaps some have even taken to Twitter to announce their victory. In matchmaking, we believe these scenarios, where the outcome is decided before the game actually ends, is also causing players in matchmaking to quit rather than finish out the remainder of the match.

To alleviate this issue, we’re looking to reduce the score to win for Oddball and King of the Hill from 250 to 200 on both Guardian and Construct.
It’s a minor change that we hope will have a meaningful impact. We’ve talked to each of the team captains attending the HCS Invitational and they’ll be scrimming (practicing in custom games) with the updated settings so that we can watch and gather qualitative feedback. Additionally, we’ll be updating the H3 Team Hardcore playlist in MCC from February 15 through February 17 to get more test coverage and also pull data on how the new settings are performing. Overall, we’re looking for the percentage of games that end on score (rather than time) to increase, as well as a decrease in quit rates.

Based on the data and feedback we receive, we’ll be looking to officially implement the settings update for the HCS Invitational and the H3 Team Hardcore playlist by the end of February just in time for the big event at SXSW. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress along the way, so be sure follow @HCS on Twitter for all the latest. We’ve also created a forum thread here on Waypoint where you can chime in with your thoughts and we’d love to hear if you think any other changes to the competitive settings should be considered.
I say might as well add new symmetrical forge maps from the community.
Lil Avian wrote:
I say might as well add new symmetrical forge maps from the community.
I agree with this. I did not watch Halo 3 HCS back in the day. But haven't you guys been watching the same maps since 2007 or whatever year H3 HCS started? Seeing new maps would spice it up and make it more interesting to watch than seeing the same old maps over and over again.
I agree with the change to move Oddball to 200 limit finish. The meta of this gametype (conservative pushes when the ball is top-middle following a reset) has resulted in 15 minute games finishing with both teams below 200. Adjusting this down makes sense to help with the unwinnable games that can often result. However, I disagree with the idea to move KOTH down. The current iteration has equally matched teams often hitting the 250 kill mark within the time limit, and there are many games that have two teams battling for the final hill with over 200 points each. It is much rarer in Construct KOTH that a team is down and out with a minute + time remaining. You do not want to deny a quality team from making a fan-friendly comeback by not giving the game enough time for this to take place. Also, I think it could detract from the gameplay strategy as it may result in teams making desperation rushes earlier (you see this all the time in the Arena playlist where a quality squad is forced to mindlessly push individually due to the 150 point win limit), rather than setting up as a cohesive group for a solid push.
How about we try swapping out Onslaught and Amplified for literally anything else? These maps become useless once Heretic was released in 2009. That was the point of Salot forging them, to replicate Midship gameplay, but then Bungie gave that to us. Just adds redundancy to the rotation.
I haven't encountered those mathematically impossible moments too often, but I've seen them happen at tournaments a few times. I think this is a change for the better to keep things moving.
Keep it at 250. It's been that was for over ten years, don't change it up now.
MuskEEE wrote:
Keep it at 250. It's been that was for over ten years, don't change it up now.
...and for 10 years, a lot of these games have lasted far too long, or have been too one sided. This is definitely a welcome change. One that should have happened back when the game was still big on the 360.
I don't see why Koth needs to be at 200. Pointless changes in my opinion. Settings have been fine for years. I don't see it as a problem. If anything needs to be looked into its the spawns. You cant tell me that these spawns are broken compared to Halo 3 360. Construct is broken with MCC spawns.
Why does it matter if there is dead time at the end? The viewers don't care, it's just a part of Halo. You are stealing away all of the great comebacks that can happen after 200 is reached.
Better idea: have the game end itself if comeback is impossible. Problem solved.
I actually thought this was new, turns out it was just a bump of a two month old thread. Thanks.
Is it not possible to end the game if it’s mathematically impossible? Surely that’s the best way to go