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Halo 2: Anniversary New Maps 2020

OP JB Linken

Playing a match of Halo 2: Anniversary got me thinking of what 343i may do for Halo 2's upcoming season when it's added to MCC's PC client. One idea I had was perhaps they may add more Halo 2 maps to the Anniversary multiplayer (either Forge or complete remakes.)

How likely do you guys think this is? As you may recall, MCC did not launch with Remnant (the Relic remake), but it came out in May 2015.

Are there any maps that didn't launch with Halo 2: Anniversary's multiplayer you'd like to see? I would like to see at least Headlong and Midship be remade. Foundation seems like a clear choice for a Forge remake.
To be honest, there are countless remakes (or lets say updated versions) of Midship in every Halo Game, I think that if we would have the option to choose one map, I'd go for a unique BTB Map. Allthough it seems pretty unrealistic, I'd like to see a Waterworks / District or Terminal remake.
I bump the waterworks!!! Like what an amazing map. It truly saddens me that they didn’t remake all the maps. I would seriously pay to their salaries to get those maps to live the childhood I enjoyed so much
Some more 8v8 maps would be nice to see
Definitely Waterworks and terminal for btb. Terf, Colossus and head long for FFA and 4v4.
TURF and TERMINAL please god
If this were to happen it would probably be after the remaining games come to PC.

With H2A having forge maybe some forge guru’s can make the map and 343 can then add the maps to MM and Customs.