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Halo 2 language Spanish selector

OP KnanKTorrNuggle

Hello everyone,

i'm spanish of Spain, and i loved Halo 2, but theres a problem with my language with these game, in Spain originaly was launched with spanish neutral language (mexico), in the MCC someone decided to lauch the halo 2 in english (with no in game subtitles, and it's a pain in the -Yoink-).

Bay other way the mexican version of the game has halo 2 in spanish neutral (mexico), but if i change my xbox one locale, the game doesn't change to ingame spanish neutral language version.

I've managed to have the two localised version of the game (one in external hdd and other in the internal), and i can play halo 2 if i want ingame spanish neutral language.

I suggest to 343, that let us select the version of spanish that we can use in the game without have to download the game twice one from the spanish store and other from the mexican store, to have the game in the language that was originally launched in Spain.

Or make a full spanish (spain) in game sound.

Thanks for reading :)
I agree!!!!
No news about this?
you might have to wait until after 343 fixes the game before they start addressing things like this, right now their top priority is trying to get matchmaking to work for everyone