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[Locked] Halo 2 not registering on Waypoint

OP SiiT DooWN x

Hi all,

appreciate probably a fair few posts on this topic but searching I could never find an answer.

I've completed Halo 2 on Legendary co-op multiple times and still failed to get the completion achievements. In-game menus tell me I have done all 15 missions on legendary, however the achievement tracker says 10/13.

Looking on Waypoint I have not received credit for the last three missions on Halo 2. I have replayed each of these missions five times in the hopes one might work - no joy. I have tried different difficulties, with and without skulls but still cannot get Waypoint to register my completion.

Waypoint successfully tracked my Halo 3 completion which I completed after Halo 2, so it seems my Halo 2 has gone into limbo.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It's bugging me that these achievements are looking impossible to get (around 70G). I'd be happy if they showed up as "Done! Unlocking..." but the game just won't update Waypoint.

343i - sorry my first post is a rant, love the series and always have done but am upset that this is preventing me going for the full 6000G after I have already put effort into get to ~60%.

Try playing the Master Chief Saga playlist.
Xbox live is having issues today so achievements and stat tracking haven't worked for me all day.
4 years down the line and I've got the same issue. Anyone habe any remedies?
A friend I know is having this issue. I would recommend putting your problem on one of the feedback threads.
Please don't revive old topics thanks, feel free to start a new topic in the support forums or use the dedicated feedback threads