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halo 2 only double team ranked playlist....please?


halo 2 only 2v2

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people always fight the vote for either for h2c or h3&h4. put a stop to this and give halo 2 classic its own double team ranked playlist. thank you for your support.
i play with x for my action button in h2c and h2a. in h3 and h4 you have to use rb button for action. it makes it quite hard on muscle memory to switch back in fourth all the time. and NO to answer your question i will not use rb button for h2c because it was not made like that. therefor i did not learn to play h2c that way and will not convert.
when you go in seaching by your it is almost always a guaranteed loss,team killing or they just quit.
Yes, I agree that each Halo should have their own double team Playlist, especially Halo 2 Classic because not everyone has had the opportunity to play H2 Classic online. I find that every time I play I do not have the skill level and it is ranked unfairly because of the switch up between all of the Halos in double team.
Yes thank you ! The double team playlist is the only playlist that finds games quickly at all times. I spend a huge amount of my time playing master chief collection and have noticed that halo2 classic is the most popular game voted. Please make RANKED halo 2 classic double team its own playlist. It is not possible to be good at a game of halo2 classic and immediatley switch up to halo 4 with a totally different set of controls and game dynamic. People asked for a anniversery of halo2 because it is the defining game of its generation. And what made xbox and xbox live so succesful and popular. In return halo2 fans recived a game that is broken, full of cross game playlists, with little to no support Please remove a couple playlists so the population will be higher and leave Ranked halo2 classic playlists !
My suggestion would be to remove one of the two halo 1 playlists, and removeing team slayer as a playlist, that way people who want to play a specific game can just enter into one of the playlists soley for that game such as halo3 4v4 or halo 2 classic 4v4. Instead of voting for the game they want and not getting it. This will also increase the population on those playlists. Also an update for big team battle that will load a 7v7 game instead of searching for one more player for 15minutes. Same for halo2 classic if their is 6 people found in the search, just load a 3v3 game instead of waiting forever for 2 more people. This was how halo2 classic worked back in the day.
I could go onnn for days, so to save more of my time I'm strongly agreeing with this post, pls fix it
I strongly agree with a ranked halo 2 classic team doubles playlist that needs to be made like yesterday with H2 being the most popular game on the MCC. Team doubles with the option of H2, H2A, H3, H4 in "all in one" team doubles playlist is a disgrace. When you get locked in into a game then their's an opinion to chose only a H3, H3, H4 or H3, H4, H4 etc and no option to play H2 or H2A is just plain stupid and needs to be put to a stop ASAP. Best way to fix this, create a ranked H2 classic 2v2 playlist by itself and make team doubles H2A, H3, and H4 it's own playlist where you get locked into a game with the option to choose H2A, H3, or H4 only and don't have it set up where it comes up H3, H4, H4 or H4, H4, H3 or H2A, H2A, H4 ect. It would also be nice to make all playlist ranked and bring back team training unranked.
if you play late at night you can not find games back to back unless you play double team. im really only have mcc for halo 2. well last night i was playing doubles and got h3 and h4 four times in a row. then deranked and destrotted me so much it lost the fun and turned it off.
I support the suggestion to split the ranked doubles playlist into specific h2 and h3 categories. Because team doubles only requires 4 people to match, it is the most popular playlist late at night or when traffic is low. Please take this into consideration and update matchmaking to appease your loyal halo players.
I would also like to recommend that h3 and h2 get their own dedicated unranked playlists. These classics appear to be by far the most popular of the collection.
I agree with all of these posts !
Please update the playlist! H2 classic doubles is amazing and it deserves to be its own playlist. The vote is always dominated and it is never h2c.
While you're at it remove some of the game types there are way too many to select from. It thins out the game even more than it already is. Happy this forum was made.
so ive been stuck in the same rank for so long becasue of this cross game playlist. i won one of h2c then it picked h3 three games in a row and i lost everyone of them ....its starting to get old. does 343i want to have xbox live loose its long time customers?
will things be changed? or is what everyone says here will it be blown away like a fart in a wind storm?
I want to rank up in team doubles but never can because of this cross game playlist. I mostly play at night and the only thing that loads a game back to back is 2v2 but the cross game is very distorting.
I agree with this post ! Halo2 classic needs to have an exclusive double team ranked playlist. It seems to be the most voted game in double team. Also it would be easier to make 2 double team playlists one for h2c and h2a and the other for halo3 and halo4. That way the default rb buttons stay together and the x buttons stay together.
I'm not going to bicker about the little stuff that bothers me about the master chief collection. I'm merely going to point out the major flaws. It shouldn't take 15-20 minutes to match up a game. I shouldn't have to wonder if I've been lagged out of a game, leaving my friends hanging. It shouldn't take 3+ tries for me to get into a party with my friends. I shouldn't have to deal with one of the worst servers I've ever played on. While I understand that your primary focus at the moment may be halo 5, I would also like to remind you that the fact that you have not been able to, from day one, make a reliable game out of the matter chief collection, ensures that I will never buy halo 5. Why would I pay to support another game when I'm still bitter about paying for this broken one? Fix the Playlist. Fix the matchmaking. Fix THIS game. Then maybe, just MAYBE I'll have enough faith to purchase another game from 343.
I strongLy agree with this post, the onLy reason I purchased an xbox box one was to get TMCC. It's been a rough year with this game though, from the wasted time searching for match made games to getting cheated out of playing them and having to choose which gametype on which map wouLd Like and stiLL not getting what you voted for. I have found doubLes to be more rewarding, but then you have to fight over which version to pLay. H2 cLaSsic is my go to game, I just wish the separation of H1 H2 H3 and H4 was better, because most of the peopLe that I've met onLine are partiaL to one game.