As stated in "MCC DEVELOPMENT UPDATE - JUNE 2019" at some point in the future our halo 3/4 and reach fileshares will have their maps and gametypes ported to MCC. Right now I am currently filling my fileshare with map variants I would like ported, looking at the old halo.bungie website for maps I currently do not have--for all my maps were deleted off my hard drive randomly a few years ago.

Right now these are the maps I have in my fileshare:
I am requesting that someone puts the following maps in their fileshare (either to port it yourselves, or so I could download it now and then put it in mine) since I cannot find these on halo.bungie; the people either changed their gamertag, got banned, or removed the files from their fileshare.

Let me know if you have these maps; also feel free to respond with maps you are looking for as well.
Hello yes im putting a list together for this, i don't know if it will catch on but I have a google doc spreadsheet where everyone that plans to port maps can post what they have so the whole community can find what they are looking for! Its at r/Halo3Port
Also a few of the maps you requested have already been made on MCC, check out the (Halo 3 Customs) club on xbox to find them.
I noticed this forum topic and I actually had the original 24 extra space in Halo 3, so I was able to save a lot of maps that I used to play a lot, one of which RushMyPancake Mentioned, and some that I've made originally:

  • Bumperbikes lvl - Corruptinator
  • Bumper Arena - Corruptinator
  • Skyports (F&A) - Corruptinator
    (I also can't remember If I made the other maps below... I probably did or didn't, but its been so long ago!):
  • Fragtadium (NB) - Corruptinator?
  • Fragtadium - Corruptinator?

And these are what I am attempting to preserve, made by other map forgers:
  • The Kitchen - xKing Elijahx
  • Prison - Author Unknown
  • Fatal Grounds - ExG Trigger
  • Frostburn Beta - Odhanan
  • The Street (for Ice Cream Man Gametype) - Dark Forgey
  • Last Stand - MarineManiac
  • BLENDER! - headshotsniper
  • Trash Compactor (garbage man gametype) - Author Unknown
  • QUANTUM 2.0 - vulture2395
  • Deserted - JPeloquin218
  • LEFT 4 DEAD - ColvertMatt
  • Jenga Tower v6 - Cosmic Rick and Gerbil604
  • Death Star Run2 - Cheapo9000
  • better halo v2 - troy290
  • Bus Stop Kids - Chrome3agle
  • HELLS MANSION - Author Unknown
  • RESIDENT EVIL 1 - Gator Dude 0030
  • temple of death - many popes <--- Definitely got that map too Pancake.
Oh, by the way RushMyPancake, other than the IndianaJones map mentioned above, there is also this awesome map worthy for Grifball or Action Sack:
  • Water Arena (Water polo: Grifball of the Sea) - Ell3ment & Gunnergrunt
    Check out the old trailer, the gamemode and map is almost or already 10 years OLD! Thank goodness I saved the map a long time ago!
You might want to add to the spreadsheet, Rustyna1lz.