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I have played halo 3 odst firefight on Xbox 360 and I liked a lot but I heard a halo 3 odst was coming to the Halo master chief collection I hope that everything of the game was coming and not only the campaign
I want firefight in the master chief collection please it's fun
Would love it too but I doubt it's coming.
i'm lost on the halo 3 odst, is weird for me
I've been asking every month. I doubt it. If 343 did manage to do this then I will begin to like them, a little. But no. HCS and catering for the minority of MLG players are more important...
I want in MCC as well!
I would love firefight to come to the MCC, sadly I don't think they will add it in with all the previous problems with the launch, I would like a separate Halo 3 Anniversary bundled with ODST including firefight and forge. That means more achievements :)
Yes... agreed, release it as part of Halo 3 Anniversary Bundle.
im almost certain 343 said they wasnt going to ad it