Will there ever be halo 3 odst firefight on mcc?
It's a possibility, but not something the team have as a primary focus right now. Once MCC has been fully released for PC there may be scope for them to bring it over, it was mentioned in an article I think somewhere but I can't locate it
Halo Reach Firefight is coming so it’s a high possibility, no confirmation though. Fingers crossed.
I'd honestly like to see it just become one mode with options on playing as your halo reach spartan or the crew from odst on maps from both games, just idea if anyone whos working on the reach firefight wants to suggest even if it technically should happen for lore purpose or maybe let the community vote on it? Thats if it'd be easier on the developers too
If 343 does not port this to the MCC, the only way we can play this is back on the Xbox 360 version (plus the Co-op online experience now on back on ODST is not the best anymore). Keep in mind its not guaranteed forever we will have backwards compatibility on the next gen system even on Xbox Scarlett going forward after to play 360 games on this. I think it would be foolish for 343 not to do this to add all the upgrades they did to ODST on MCC already! And plus the development time would not take a long time since the engine is already for the campaign in the MCC (plus theater mode) so a single mode with 8 maps would take hardly anymore time compared to porting a full game like Reach. With the new armor customization menu coming with the Unreal Engine, it would not take too much more resources to show the voice/head models when changing your character for ODST firefight (however they are already having memory issues with UE4 unfortunately fitting Halo Reach on the Original Xbox One version at the moment so we'll see if adding this would be so overkill then).
It would be cool with the new season system they're bringing in that if there is a ODST season maybe they will bring it in with that. I personally liked ODST firefight more than Reach.