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[Locked] HALO 3 players please leave

OP inFINN1te

All anyone votes is Halo 3. I just witnessed Team Slayers on Blackout beating Team BRs on Lockout. That's just plain stupid.
I've seen Cold Storage (AR starts; not even BR) beat out Chill Out once. I was pretty mad, to say the least
Maybe there's a reason people vote for H3...

In any regard, blame 343 for the cross game playlist system, not the players.
Yeah, guys, don't blame the players. The players just want to play Halo 3. I'm sorry you didn't get what you wanted (AR Blackout beating BR Lockout is hilariously tragic).
no. it is the only way I can play halo 3 but I would have still voted for lockout in that scenario
Halo 3 players do not leave!
H3 should have its own slayer playlist