Halo 3 team arena
So I understand that arena isn't the exact same as the original Halo 3 Team Slayer playlist but I thought it was going to be as close to it as possible. As of right now this playlist is missing 10 maps compared to the old team Slayer playlist: Smashed, High ground, Orbital, Valhalla, Sandbox, Tundra, Pantheon, Wastelands, Vindictive and Reminiscent.The previous version of MCC at least included I believe 3 out of these 10 maps. So what is the reason for not including these in this playlist? And will they ever be added to the playlist?
I think they are ‘rotating’ maps ( and even types such as bomb and flag ) in the playlists. The same happens in H3 BTB: in every map it is now possible to play Snipers and they removed Territories.
Completely agree. Loads of great maps missing, also from the doubles playlist. Team snipers also doesn't seem to have beam rifles. They really should have just copied over exactly what they'd done on h3 as it was a winning formula that worked well for them for a good 7 years.