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Dear 343,

SQUAD BATTLE SUCKS: There are numerous players that would love a H4 4v4 ranked playlist. Many H4 critics hate the abilities, but if you created a legendary style playlist with no abilities people would grind to get a 50, especially with good maps such as Simplex, Dispatch, Skyline, etc. Hardcore, Team Slayer.. doesn't matter.. either option would bring a populated playlist. A lot of old school players would come back to MCC as well.

Halo 4 has never had a 4v4 ranked playlist so please consider. What do you have to lose?

The H4 Community
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for real man. i think the permanent playlists should be similar. So have them 4v4 and whats not.
That actually sounds alright. As of right now I think infinite will play closer to H4's Legendary settings.
Couldn't agree more.

There was a 4v4 ranked halo 4 playlist at least two years ago if not more can't remember. Has not come back since.