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Halo 4 Best Loadout For Spartan Ops?

OP WFD1992

Basically, what would be the most ideal loadout(s) for Spartan Ops, especially solo on Legendary? This is for both the 360 version and the MCC version
I like to use a rather stripped down loadout ... call it my CE-inspired loadout ... to make it challenging and allow for the picking up of other weapons on the maps to be a more viable and tactical option than just relying on that loadout.

-Frag Grenade
-Jetpack or Thrusters

But if you're going for a super tough solo/LASO/Legendary approach, you probably want something with more teeth.

What I would do is slap together a couple or a few loadouts based on whether your expecting a lot of Covenant, Promethean, or vehicle heavy missions and switch between them as needed.

You may want to consider a DMR and a Plasma Pistol for those perky Elites. Actually, Plasma Pistols can be easily acquired from dead Grunts, so maybe a DMR and/or a Light Rifle so you can keep your distance when necessary.

Everything gets a little bullet spongy the higher the difficulty, so always try to pop crawlers and grunts with headshots. Watchers are just a few hits from a rifle a well. What I'm saying is, I usually avoid automatics on Legendary unless I have to use them.

For perks, perhaps "Shielding" and ... well, I'd probably go with "Ammo" again.

As for the Armor Ability ... I'd say Jetpack would be nice for getting out of a pickle. Regeneration Field would be real nice for staying in those pickles and toughing it out a little longer. Autosentry can be decent distractions and can help out, but at higher difficulty they're easily dispatched. I don't think the rest would be that useful against high difficulty AI. They see right through that Active Camouflage.

And I'd go with Frag Grenades. The other two types you can collect from opponents more easily than you will come across frags.

But that's just how I would approach it. Not everyone plays the same.
It all depends on your style of playing. What works for me might not work for you but I like a good medium to long range weapon.
I did all the Spartan Ops solo on legendary. I played the first half with my normal matchmaking loadouts, which was a mistake, because the magnum, frag and active camo all suck in Spartan ops. Ended up with 3 loadouts IIRC (might have ad-hoc'd one for the Mantice heavy missions).

Long range:
DMR/Plasma Pistol/Sticky/Mobility/Stability/Autosentry

Mid-close range:
BR/Plasma Pistol/Sticky/Mobility/Stability/Autosentry


Plasma Pistol and Sticky nades are a HUGE DEAL for breaking shields of Elites/Knights. Autosentry helps a little, more than the other abilities IMO. Stability is awesome. Mobilty can be substituted according to taste.
I usually go for DMR, Storm rifle, promethian vision, and extra ammo. Reason is I like to use the DMR and pro vision to pick off most enemies at a long distance and the extra ammo keeps me shooting more and longer. The storm rifle has the most damaging shots and it gets a ridiculously large ammo boost it's there to take care of anything that gets too close. It is a slow and methodical way to grind through, you don't need to pick up other weapons really and you don't need to get close usually. If you do need to pick up something else you can get more ammo for it than normally.
I personally like long-range weapons. A DMR and BR combo works for me most of the time.
I play with a BR, Magnum, Plasmas, Regen Field, Mobility, and Ammo.
Right now i mainly use Carbine, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenade, Shielding, and Ammo, with me usually using TP, PV, RF, or AS armor abilities. But I am thinking of trying out the ones you all have suggested. I mostly only have problems with Knights and Watchers.