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Halo 4 Squad Battle is really frustrating

OP Geth Pathfinder

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Get some good friends to play with you. However, both skins are really not worth the effort
I grinded (ground?) Out Recon for the H3 sniper skin, and got to 15 pretty quick in Squad Battles, but since then it's been a slog and I've been stuck. The overall reception of these ranked challenges seems to be poor, so hopefully that means they'll do something about it. What worries me a lot is that they've said that they are going to keep doing them because they want to reward competitive players, which I get, but this just doesn't seem like the right way to do it, IMO.

I think the issue for me stems from these being old games, but 343i trying to implement a modern system on top of old stuff. These season based ranked challenges would be fine if the game had a modern ranking system that took more than win/loss into consideration, but it doesn't, so it falls apart pretty quickly.

I don't know. Using FOMO tactics in a classic game compilation seems weird. If these challenges were left in the game I'd understand, but FOMOing just sucks.
It is just horrible 6v6 means you need to get so lucky with ransoms because even if you can get a triple it is still a 1v3 and the maps are not balanced. The dominion maps have unequal spawns.
I’m a 33 (was at 36) just get a team together and communicate.
Playing solo is a crapshoot, I've gotten to level 14 multiple times, only to drop back to 13 over and over. Random teammates are random, and when an objective gametype come up? Good luck getting teammates who care enough to try. And when you match against teams with high ranks, it's over.

I gave up on it, the weapon skins are not worth the frustration.
It's very frustrating. I started making clips of just how bad and stupid this all is. I can pretty much guarantee that if you see me on your team, we are gonna lose. Not because I'm bad, not all the time, only when it's been hours and I give up, just because I'm always on the worse team.

I have reached Rank 14 a total of 6 times now. The lowest I hit was rank 4 after losing many times. I don't know how this works at all, 5 games won at rank 14 and no level up, but I lost one game and dropped 3 whole ranks.

The team it puts me on are constantly stupid af. I was in a game of extraction, extracted all but one on my own, enemy team was at 0. I had many assist kills. It's ranked, the idea is for the team to win, so I would strip shields and move in. I start getting betrayed because I have 1 kill even though I have most points and this kid yelling at me how I need to delete my game because I have 1 kill.. This dumb kid is treating extraction like social slayer.. We lost because this idiot keeps killing me as I'm extracting the final.. No boot option.. Wtf..

On a flag game, me and 3 others get the flag half way back, no support and on our own each time. Then this dumb guy starts yelling down the mic how he's sick of losing and everyone is doing bad and how the other team has double the points. I tried explaining its not about points it's about capturing the flag and he hasn't even touched the flag. I get told to go back to team slayer... No wonder he loses every game.

I swear I bring the flag on my own most of the time nearly all the way back only for my own, I get destroyed and my own team will just run away from the flag in the opposite direction even if no enemy is around. One guy grabbed the flag and ran over to their base with it. Once I got the flag so close before I died that if anyone would have grabbed the flag, it would have triggered the capture.. But everyone ran away from it, looked at it a few time but went off to kill people over at the other base. People seem to run away from the flag like its the freaking enemy with over shield..

Rare slayer games happen every so often, I do well in these most of the time depending on how tired I am at that point but my team, even if they are a higher tour, rank or even on keyboard and mouse.. It doesn't matter, you can guarantee they are going to play like turd. Most of the time 2 or more players will have 1 kill each.

Is it a balancing thing? Decent players get put on bad teams to balance it out? Do I have to lose multiple games in a row before the system puts me with decent players for one match? I mean it seems broken but I have no clue how it works. I really have come to hate ranked. In Halo 3, I'm 15 no problem.. In 4 squad.. I'm 14 at the highest because I can win 4 games in a row on rare occasions and not rank up and have proof of that but if I lose 1 game I will drop a rank instantly. Its an impossible task and bad playlist filled with people who treat it like social slayer.. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea but here is a thought, 343, fire them. It's people like this that are the reason you have the Halo 5 campaign.

So frustrating.
Been Stuck at lvl 12/13 on this, I wouldn't mind at least getting the DMR skin and just leaving it at that, but the team balancing is terrible in this playlist. I'm assuming it's more apparent cause it's 6v6. But I have terrible teammates over half the time. The only reliable way to get these skins is to run stacks, which sucks. There's games where I'll barely win basically single handed-ly even in stuff like obj. It's bad man, Ranked rewards are cool, but this system is just awful, plus how many games it takes to level up once you start to get into the later ranks.
Think they should go back to the way things were on season 3
1,000% annoying.
  1. I don't even remember my old layouts that even stood a chance on the OG game. Let alone the combinations i've tried always sucks.
  2. Seems like the maps have gotten way worse. The good players just camp the high ground.
  3. I'm skill level 0. I rarely ever play competitive. Like i said in another topic. I don't have friends who i can rely on. I don't have a mic. And no one bothers to send messages anymore to gather lobbies so what's the point of trying to restart it (maybe clan advertisements was what ended it?).
  4. Maybe if there was another way to earn it (like social), then maybe i'd try for them. I didn't have a chance to get Season 3's seasonal challenges (because of the glitch of not counting and saving progress).
I wish I had the time to play this more. I’m still looking for people to play with but that’s what makes me sad. Not much time for me and this playlist is just hard finding people.
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