I understand that Halo CE on MCC is never going to be what I want it to be, but is it possible to get an update on some of the key bugs that have been plaguing this game from inception?

- Warps being broken - hanging out the other side/coming through sideways/not being able to block them.
- Melee registration - not registering at all/phantom melees at random times.
- Post death/respawn grenades - I don’t know how many times I have destroyed teammates/been destroyed by these.

I can live with some of the other things like camo and bullet desync. I can even live with wildly inconsistent bullet registration understanding that this was a game not originally designed for an online environment and work is being done to improve it. But the things listed above are all game breaking and seem like they should be on the easier side to fix (I am not a developer)

Thanks for listening.
Poor bullet registration and beatdowns not connection are issues that affect the entirety of MCC. Do you have any videos or clips of the other 2 problems?
Broken teleports have been communicated to Postums as the #1 priority bug report from the CE community on several occasions. We are still waiting for an official statement if they plan to fix it or not.

It's a shame because getting back whacked by someone blocking the other side was one of the most shocking and intriguing elements of the game. It makes noobs want to learn how to do it and turns into one of the most intense mind-trick situations. Do you go in backwards? Do you block it backwards? How long should you camp it? It completely changes how Derelict is played. It also sucks to not be able to block cave port on rat race KOTH.

We recently got a rocket aim game play fix, so there is a glimmer of hope they will address this.
Keep talking about issues like these; it increases the likelihood that they will eventually be addressed. Unfortunately, on a project as large as The Master Chief Collection, there is a huge laundry list of bugs and fixes. 343 Industries has to prioritize accordingly. But we all hope that they will eventually get around to fixing everything.