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Halo MCC optimization for series X

OP Jaquobe

Verge said that for players who own the game on Xbox one, they will get a free copy. I own the physical copy. Does this mean that I have to go to a GameStop to trade it in for a series x version, or can I just put my Xbox one copy in and it will automatically be optimized?
Just pop it into the series x, it will detect a series upgrade, and download that.

To save time id say put it on an external sotrage if you can so you dont have to redownload all 108ish gb. Otherwise you're gonna have to download th eentire collection plus whatever dlc you have.

This also applied to ANY series optimized game. Some are updated at the consoles launch like Gears 5, others a bit later like halo mcc(17th) or witcher 3 next year for example.

Full series optimized game list here, and it will most likely continue to grow!
just put the disc in it will automatically detect your next gen console and upgrades it automatically halo infinite will utlize this as well when that comes next year