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Halo Mods on Console: Why its inevitable & how

OP clawzo

Alot of people say chances are slim but i think thats very much the intention tho just much further down the line Here are some points for my opinion

  • Multiple Games on Xbox already have some sort of mod support
Fallout 4, Skyrim Special Edition & City Skylines all have mod support on xbox i know & microsoft have stated the new flight simulator will have mod support, slowly microsft has been showing they are fully supporting it. SEEING THAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR IS COMING TO XBOX SERIES X IT WOULD BE A GREAT TIME TO INTRODUCE SOME SORT OF STEAM WORKSOP FOR XBOX

  • Some Xbox One games are getting SSD enchantments to take advantage of the consoles power
With the power of the xbox series x matching that of some high power gaming pc's Mods can have less of an inpact on performence on this console considering the vast power its possible MCC could get free upgrades once more for series x maybe bringing mods for that console well not splitting player base (Maybe Xbox one can even get them)

  • 343 has shown passion to mods, wants pc custom game and map creations on xbox & even considered paid mods far more down the road.
Over the last 4 MCC development updates 343 have revealed additional mod support in design iteration not specifing if its just for pc although it can fall under the bring PC features to consoles in there backlog 343 have discussed the possibility of paid mods but down the road, I doubt 343 would wanna miss an opportunity on paid mods to make money on console 343 also added into the design iteration Steam Account Linking, Well unkown how much this will matter to xbox this could maybe benifet mods on console or at least the xbox pc gamepass depending on mods from steam workshop.

  • I feel like 343 wouldnt just be adding mods to steam workshop (A platform thats not theres)
Its not likley 343 would be working with just steam for mod support its harder to install mods on the windows store version then steam im sure they wouldnt wanna disinclude players on there on stores on and console moreover considering halo is a console series at heart

From a player perspective MCC has been on console much longer and we had to suffer through all the bugs for years for it to get to wear it is now
Halo has always been a console game since 2001, one which defined first person shooters on console. Halo now has a Chance to define mods on console and im sure 343 dont wanna pass up at least trying to see if there capable. I would feel alittle cheated if mod support on consoles weren't at least tried considering it started a console exclusive now the game on a diffrent platform is better then the original

With a new decade, a new console comes new policies and terms and the terms for the generation of the series x could allow for mod support on consoles, remember microsoft has been numb about mod support (Only Flight simulator and a few teases awhile back I remember) they could be saving it for a big reveal this summer

With Cross play becoming a new norm and a console meant to unify gamers with xbox pc it seems almost inevitable that mods will come at some point considering the ambitions of Microsoft (as well as 343's for Halo Infinite)
I've been saying the same thing for a while now. I would like to see a serious investment from Microsoft on mod support on this system. Obviously full on access to the system isn't realistic but there is a lot that can be done while maintaining security.

I realize this forces the Xbox to pretty much be a mod downloads only setup with typically everything built on PC, but there maybe a little wiggle room for the right application. Maybe some kind of dedicated modding tool built for Xbox by Xbox that only allows access to the files that the developers have granted access to.

Anyway a simple Steam workshop type setup would be more than appreciated.
Microsoft would be absolutely insane to not have console mod support for Flight Simulator and Halo - you're absolutely right. Keeping them PC only would do nothing but split the playerbase and hurt sales of both Halo Infinite/MCC on the Series X and the console itself.