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Ok so is it just me or is the music in Reach way too loud and you almost can even hear the SFX. For me makes the game unplayable as i like heraing my guns firing to sound crip like not muffled and muted like it seems to be.. I also dont understand why we have to ask 343 to reduce the music levels instead of them just giving use the ability to adjust music, SFX, and voice levels to our own preferences.
I posted about this exact issue yesterday, well not with reach but just in general. I asked why can't we adjust game volume levels in the settings. Music is super loud even in other halo games. You would think something like being able to adjust your games audio in settings would be standard on video games in the modern ere but I guess not. Halo 5 has settings to adjust music/sound in settings so why not MCC.
Same exact problem here. Wish the game hadn't released in this state. This is game-breaking for me and I am anxiously awaiting a fix.
Surround sound is completely broken for me and there is no settings to adjust to proper 5.1 speaker setups on my X1X. Gun sounds are barely present and I can't even reduce the music volume in-game. I stopped playing the game as this is game breaking for me. I still can't believe the game released in this poor state of audio. Let's hope this will be fixed sooner than later.
Honestly the first thing I noticed, it’s making the the whole experience very jarring, hope this gets fixed soon.
Yeah, the audio sounds pretty bad. I'm wearing Plantronics RIG 800LX w/ Dolby Atmos enabled and it sounds muffled - specifically the campaign. The multiplayer seems fine, but the campaign's gameplay sounds pretty bad. The cut scenes are ok though. So not sure what's up. Also - I've noticed a clicking sound that doesn't seem to be there for other games.
If your TV can sink your Bluetooth( ear plugs )it will sound perfect.. unfortunately it doesn't work on headphones or a surround sound yet
I just got this game, and for me the Campaign is unplayable like this.

It's not that the music is too loud - none of the sounds are correctly balanced. Even when there is no music, there are many sound effects you can barely hear.

I can't believe they released it like this and as of January 5th 2020 still no patch.

This should be a pretty easy fix?