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How else can I report players for AFK behavior?

OP A Swift Mystery

I have matched with a particular player (no witch-hunting, but I can divulge the gamertag for proof of game history) multiple times for the past 2 days in Reach Firefight multiple times, and this player has never participated in the matches once. They just spin in the same arc until they match is over.

I filed a report after each match, and left a comment on each report explaining how the player is cheating the system to earn experience points without participating in any games, but after 48 hours I'm still matching with them, and often miss out of the bonus round due to the lack of firepower. Especially games where even one other player quits or is also AFK.

Other than continuing to apparently waste my time reporting them through the Xbox, is there anything else to be done about players like this? I play firefight to get away from the stress of PvP, but players that are allowed to slow each game down by bypassing the AFK detection system make playing Firefight very frustrating.

Thanks for reading my rant.
Go to to report the players and give alot of info and don't call out the people and don't post the tags on the fourms.
Go to to report the players and give alot of info and don't call out the people and don't post the tags on the fourms.
Oh that looks so much more promising, thank you so much!
An added note: there is an option for attachments on Halo Support Site so remember to capture video recording or a screenshot of their misbehavior. What I do, although somewhat painstaking, is use one drive(share/upload to OneDrive then go from there, not sure if there's a better way).
One Drive is good, all things considered. You can also use the console companion app from a windows PC, which let's you grab clips uploaded to live, though its slow on the upload like one drive

The fastest is to set up a USB 3.0 flash drive on the console as a capture location, they'll be saved as mp4 files, but then you have to deal with moving the drive, which is a chore.
Use this link for making a new report.
I'd recommend getting your clips from GameDvr as Xbox Replay can take days for your capture to show up. Another direct method is to use the Twitch app, stream live to yourself and record the stream. That way you can do editing and get your evidence (if you don't feel like using the links i've listed).

Support can take a week or longer to get back to you, so please be patient while they do their thing.