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How many people roughly bought halo reach on mcc?

OP BluePanda102

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Hello, I was just curious how many people are buying the halo reach on mcc xbox one. I'm a halo reach veteran player and I can't wait to see the population go back up again... I'm sad just seeing roughly 3,000 players... I've been playing since the release on several different accounts and i saw the population drop significantly.
I hope someone can give me an estimate.

Thank you for your time
I have game pass but bought it anyways.
I can't give an estimate as there's no data (concrete or rumor) to estimate how many people preordered Halo Reach on PC and MCC. The closest we can go for an estimate is MCC being no. 1 on Steam's top sellers, but that alone can't give us a rough number on the amount of people that pre-ordered through Steam.

UPDATE: According to Steam's Top 100, MCC has a population of 148,000 players from what this article states
I have Game Pass but bought it regardless. I want to continue to support 343i.
I did purchase it in advance. I am looking forward to creating some really great maps in the forge. Somehow I had two MCC game post going at the same time yesterday and I had some great people really had a good time playing my H2A maps! I look forward to reach and plan on spending 200 or more days (play time) in Reach.
I imagine most people still interested in Halo did. Which is quite a bit. Especially with it coming to PC now.
I got it through Game Pass, but I did buy it as well. I'd like to think it shows 343i that we appreciate the hard work they've put into the MCC over the years.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work 👍
I'll buy it when it launches. After MCC's original launch in 2014, I don't pre-order anything anymore. There's no real reason to, especially for a digital download DLC. There's absolutely no reason to pay for it ahead of time.
I have Game Pass and bought it as well. I wanted to give my money in support and also wanted to make sure I didn't lose it if I ever got rid of Game Pass.
I will not be purchasing this game or halo infinite until the issues with MCC are fixed. It's been 5 years.
I don’t know how many people bought or will buy it but I am not going to. I bought the Halo games successively, starting on my 360. I’m not going to buy the MCC where I would have to start playing every game from scratch. Took me ages to get where I am in Reach. I would honestly expect an update rather than releasing it as a new game.
Ended up buying it on X1, PC. Planning to play at home on Xbox, then sometimes play on laptop when out.
Not buying it because I've already played the campaign many many many times. The multiplayer will be free if I recall.
I will be for sure
They can have my money if this goes smoothly.
I still have my game disc so if I wanted to play the campaign I’ll just pop in the game disc, same goes for ODST
i have gamepass as well but still bought it as this is my favorite halo game and i want to support 343.
Does anyone know if I buy reach on steam, will my achievements from the xbox app transfer over to the steam clients achievements?
Find it both weird and refreshing all the love Reach is getting concidering all the hate it got back in the day lol. It was always my favorite Halo. Even though I have game pass I still bought it as soon as it was available for preorder.
Will buy it before my Game Pass expires. Thinking about PC version when all games are released.
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