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How to deal with rude players

OP inFINN1te

Tell me if this is okay guys. This jackass on Multi Flag started out by getting in a warthog passenger and shooting someone getting in driver so his friend could instead. I was in the gunner but just left it alone for now. We got a flag and scored no biggie. But by then we separated. I get the flag again and I see a warthog. And an open passenger seat. So I rush to get there. Then get betrayed by that same guy. So he takes the flag and get splasered in the warthog. Serves him right.

What I did next was message him to leave and stop playing Halo. We don't need toxic people like him in the game and ruins the other players fun. He doesn't of course. So I bother him and betray him once or twice. Then wait for him to betray me, once he finally does I kick him and he's gone. I told him he got what he deserved and that he doesn't belong on the game. Which I truly don't think he does. I'm tired of people like this. Or people who betray for power weapons.
i wouldve just finished him off at every opportunity i had if not outright betrayed him
It was rude of him yes, but it's best not to engage in their kind of behavior as well, aka betraying him.

Best thing to do is to report him and move on. I know betray booting seems like sweet revenge but you're only stooping down to his level by doing so.
i think the messaging only starts a flood of messages, you could report the player for team-killing which might lower his xbox status (if enough players report player for same reason) to a level to which he starts to connect more regularly with other team-killers. At least i remember it goes like this.
Hi, don't feed the troll. He's a yoink, no doubt about it, but sending him messages and behaving like him it's probably what he wants. Just kick him out, eventually his friends will follow him
I actually be nice to them. Example sometimes I get messages saying that I suck and ect., so then I say thank you for your feedback! (Not trying to brag) People just can't handle the awesomeness of Prophet of Ark!
When that happens, I contact an enemy player on a party, and tell him to aim for this guy. I get a warthog, I drive, the enemy-buddy in the turret. It's funny as hell watching my team gawk at me.
Just report and move on. Sadly with all multiplayer games online there will be annoying people. If enough people reported, the issue will be dealt with (I forget, exactly, how).