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Husky Raid is missing from the Team Action Sack

OP Mr Skotto

I haven't seen Husky Raid in Team Action Sack since the big update a few months back.

What's going on? Why was it removed?

I tried to go back to Halo 4 on 360 and there is no one playing Halo 4 action sack so I am out of options. Halo 4 Husky is better than Halo 5 Husky....

Can you please add it back?
I thought it was gone too until I played it yesterday. In 3 days of matchmaking Action Sack I've only played it once, so I think the odds of playing it were reduced.
After playing for months.... I finally got a match. Whew!
Good to know it's still there. One of the few modes I genuinely enjoyed from Halo 4.