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I am not unlocking anything in MCC please help

OP Yokushuu

After playing halo CE in legendary I decided to obtain the par time and par score of all the halo games but while I played CE I didn´t unlck any achievements by completing the par times, so I decided to obtain some skulls and still nothing, tried to complete three playlists and still nothing s I checked my status in waypiont and discovered that my stats were not updating for no reason, I have already deleted my account, deleted the game and a lot of other things but I still didn´t unlock anything, please help me with my problem.
There are some achievements you can't unlock while certain skulls are activated. I did a search and found a lot of information concerning this. It will be worth your while to look up this info, it helped me with all my achievements.
Make sure you don't use any of the skulls that give a x0.00 multiplier, such as bandana or Scarab. They limit achievements.
It's a roll of the dice on whether or not many of the MCC achievements unlock. In some cases you have to do the achievement many times. I found though that if I didn't get a level achievement for completing a level on Legendary I could just play it a second time on the easiest level and then it would pop up.

It's disheartening, but it worked.