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OP ske7ch

Updated 8/13/18
As of today at 12PM PDT, the MCC Insider Program is now closed for new registrations. Thank you to everyone who has previously registered and has been helping to make MCC better. As we prepare for the release of the first retail update, the MCC Insider Program will evolve into a parallel "test realm" where interested and eligible players can continue to help test and provide feedback on future MCC updates (including the Custom Game Browser!). Stay tuned for more info.


Howdy folks - We want to let everyone know that we're rapidly approaching the FINAL wave of MCC Insider registrations. If you'd still like to jump in and help with MCC Insider playtesting and feedback, you've got less than one week to sign-up!

The LAST DAY to register for the MCC Insider Program to get access to the current public flight is Monday, 8/13, at 12PM PDT.
  • People who have registered prior to Monday, 8/6, at 12PM, should currently have access to the MCC Insider build.
  • Anyone who registers between Monday, 8/6 at 12:01PM and Monday, 8/13 at 12PM PDT will be rolled into the next flight user group and gain build access the afternoon of Monday, 8/13.
You can register for the MCC Insider Program here: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully, make sure you type your Gamertag correct, provide a valid email address, and that you meet the requirements for the program.

After Monday, 8/13, no more people will be admitted into the MCC Insider Program as we start to prepare for transition to the Test Realm and change the way the program operates.

As explained in last week's "Flight Update Blog", as we near the release of the first official retail update for MCC, the MCC Insider Program as it exists today will be phased out. Going forward, a persistent Test Realm is going to co-exist alongside the retail version of MCC. Access to the test realm will automatically granted to everyone who owns a digital copy of MCC and/or is an active GamePass subscriber. This new Test Realm is where further updates and features (such as the Custom Game Browser) will land prior to rolling into retail MCC.

Additional resources / helpful reading:
Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far!