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So, recently I started to do the all the campaigns on legendary to get Helioskrill armour. I started with halo 2 with scarab and bandana skulls on, and it says I’ve complete them all up until the mission Regret, and for some reason all the others say uncomplete even though I did them the same way I did the first 6 I saw a post saying redo them on easy without skulls but it just registered it as easy instead of legendary, I game it says I’ve done them all on legendary (I haven’t complete the last 4 since I don’t want to have to redo them)
Check out this thread

A handy tip is if the skull creates a 0 multiplier, it's going to disable some achievements for you.

Also, according the this thread, beating MCC won't grant Helioskrill in H5 any more.
I don't know if that's true or not, but it's possible it changed when they made it available in Req Packs.
Also, according the this thread, beating MCC won't grant Helioskrill in H5 any more.

I’m pretty sure that they just brought different variants in req packs like bloodgorger etc, but pretty sure you can’t get the one that’s just called Helioskrill
Also it says I’ve done the first six on legendary with 0x skulls on so why did it suddenly stop
Maybe AssassinXI878D can comment on the Helioskrill situation.

I'm not sure about your stat tracking though.

All I know is that 0x skulls will most certainly void certain achievements. Which only makes sense...
think I just figured it out, the first 6 I had ran through with a friend on co-op a while back so maybe I need to run through the rest on easy and then play em on legendary to fix it
Your service record shows me
  • that you completed co-op the first 6 missions on normal.
  • that you completed solo the first 7 missions on legendary.
However, I think there is a glitch going on with your solo stats - if you look at the completion time, they ALL say 01:40:39.
That's highly unlikely, and probably a glitch, and if you were only playing solo with those skulls on then I think it glitched out and recorded those as completed for whatever reason when it SHOULD NOT have done so.