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List of things that should be added to MCC

OP Pack Hunter 117

This list doesn't have to be done in order just things that I feel should be added, fixed, or changed in MCC. Hopefully MCC will continue to improved upon and even feature new seasons next year with possible Halo Infinite themed content too. Thank you so much 343 for continuing to improve and evolve MCC and make it even better with each update and Season.
#1: Add crossplay for Campaign and Spartan Ops.
#2: Fix the bugged Reclaimer cutscene for Halo 4!
#3: Fix Halo CE Classic Gearbox graphics to make it more like the OG Xbox!
#4: Add further mod support.
#5: Add the missing prologue terminal from Halo 4 and the missing epilogue terminal from Halo CEA!
#6: Add an in-game place where you can rewatch all unlocked terminals and reread all discovered Halo 3 terminals and Halo Reach datapads. And if possible maybe an in-game codex for each game in MCC.
#7: Add Halo 4 Champions Bundle DLC armor.
#8: Add all Halo Online maps and armor.
#9: Add Halo Reach, H2A, and H2C vehicle and weapon skins. And also Halo 4 vehicle skins.
#10: Add a color wheel from Halo Online for each game in MCC.
#11: Add more skins for Halo 3 for weapons and vehicles like the Spiker and Brute Chopper. Maybe some of the Halo Online skins for things like the Brute Chopper.
#12: Add new Elite armor to Halo 4 and H2A. Examples being Honor Guard and Ranger for Halo 2 with Zealot and Commander for H2A.
#13: Add Silent Shadow Elite armor and Spartan SPI armor to Reach
#14: Take Invasion outta Competitive and add it to Social!
#15: Add Zealot and Field Marshal Elites and Drones to Halo Reach Firefight.
#16: Add capes for Elites and Spartans, ghillie suits for Spartans, fur coats for Elites, holographic emblems for Elite armor themed for the Covenant, Forerunners, Banished, and Swords of Sangheilios and more for Elites. All this stuff would apply across MCC.
#17: Add split screen for PC.
#18: Add Theater mode for Halo 4 Campaign and Spartan Ops. Community Members like Generalkidd already unlocked it and have a mod that allows you to use it in Halo 4 Campaign and Spartan Ops. They even figured out how to do it in Split Screen too. And if possible add Split Screen Theater Mode for Halo Reach, H2A, Halo 3, and Halo 4.
#19: Add Covenant vehicle emblems for the Swords of Sangheilios, Banished, Keepers of the One Freedom, and more. With the UNSC vehicles getting black armor skins and ONI emblems.
#20: And for the way future if possible giving Halo CEA Blur Studios made cutscenes and giving the Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign treatment for Halo 3, ODST, Reach, and 4.
#3 should be expanded to include the graphical issues in halo 2 aswell. Unfortunately, it isn't just CE that is affected.
Daily challenges for xp.

No to more cosmetics, it's already way overboard and they could work on something better.