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Looking for Halo 3 MCC Players

OP iTz DoRa

Add me if you want to run halo 3 on MCC. Preferably decent players. I'm currently a 41 in Halo 3 looking to get my 50 on this game. Add me or reply here. I'm on now.
You can add me. Im a 50 in the H3 playlist.
Add me, IIDarkMango, recently just bought the MCC cause I was unaware that you can play halo 3 Remastered online and nostalgia instantly kicked in. Looking for more friends to play it with
The simplest 50 to have is that of halo 4.
Add me, i don't have internet but as soon as i have al accept your request, my gamertag is the same username of this page
Ive actually been playing it a bit. Send me an invite if im on
I would love to play, but my MCC is being stupid. I mean, it was working fine for a good while. And then it won't let me play the multiplayer at all. Which sucks, Halo 3 had my favorite multiplayer.