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Looking for MCC friends

OP Vengecide

Looking for people to play MCC Halo 3. Im not worried about skill but i do ask that you have a headset and play the best you can but also to have fun. Im looking for people who aren't going to rant at people cause they have trouble getting kills. Im also one of the few people who is having trouble switching from 30 to 60fps Halo. Im into Hardcore H3 and double although i have barely play the doubles. I do play a bit of regular halo3 team slayer to. I have the octagons and stuff so warming up or trying to better your aim wont be that bad. Maybe we can get 4man ffas going to match the players up and do 2v2 scrims.
I don't exactly plan on hopping into the H3 Hardcore playlist just yet (still trying to adjust to MCC) but I'd be happy to run some games with you.